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MEATER Plus review: smart thermometer for perfect cooking!

MEATER Plus review. Today we will analyze in detail an interesting product that could make your life in the kitchen easier!

MEATER, is a brand born from the ambitious start-up Apption Labs, which for years has dedicated itself to the development of smart products aimed at being controllable from smartphones. Based on Leicester, and seats in The Angelsthe brand has gone from strength to strength since that now distant 2015, becoming today an established and highly respected product on the market. In fact, it represents almost a unicum in today’s market.

MEATER produces several products in their portfolio, but today we will test for you the intermediate modelno more talk let’s get to the heart of this review with MEATER Plus.

Who is it for? And above all… to what? | MEATER Plus review

For the few who do not know the product and how it works, we will briefly explain what we are talking about. In the culinary field, the “kitchen thermometers” have been around for quite some time. They were born as useful accessories to monitor the temperature of food and bring perfectly cooked dishes to the table. Over the years they become a faithful ally of the Chef. They can be used with various dishes: meat, fish, broth, vegetables, even for works with sugar or leavened products.

Being able to control the temperature of the rooms can influence the cooking and preparation of the dishes themselves, due to this need for the search for perfection, they have become increasingly cutting-edge tools. Some Chefs and do not use them more, others rely only on anecdotal experience, however, the fact remains that it is – net of opinions – a useful ally for those who cook.

These products can be used by a Chef to avoid making a mistake in a specific dish: let’s think of the scenario in which the margin of error must be zero and the dish must arrive on the table cooked to the right point, this tool can certainly help to optimize the entire cooking process. For some dishes, a few minutes more or less is enough, and the game is done, a cooking has been ruined. To the neophyte or amateur, it can be of help simply to learn. The very fact of being guided in the cooking process allows us to acquire the right times in our minds, and know how to manage future cooking without creating distractions at the stove.

MEATER has taken a further step forward, marking the history of this product category with a tool that brings with it several advantages: it has a dedicated App that guides you through cooking, including a recipe book, it’s wireless, the system communicates the cooking stages with notifications. Especially this last element can be of great help to the Chef, not only to achieve perfection of an important dish, but also to limit the classic “human error”, it can happen even to the best to have a distraction due to the large amount of work to which they are subjected, and many times the timers may not be enough, receiving a notification on your smartphone can definitely help.

Easy to use. Suitable for everyone

Let’s start with the Umboxing, which presents itself with an attention to detail of the highest level, right from the start it gives us the feeling that we are dealing with a top-of-the-range product. After a first very resistant “protector-box”, where we find a business card and info relating to the brand, we find the main box that contains the product. On the back of the same, information on the use and download of the dedicated App. Inside we have the instruction leaflet. And finally, finally MEATER Plus.

What I immediately appreciated is the extreme “family friendly” sense of the product. From the info, to the user guide, to the App, everything is designed to be simple and familiar, so easy to guide even the less tech-savvy user. An example of how all brands, in every field, should develop their own product or operating system.

Then present the strong point of MEATER, the “Guided cooking system, which guides you through each stage of the cooking process to ensure perfect and consistent results.

Technical Analysis | MEATER Plus review

Small digression aside, let’s continue the review of MEATER Plus talking about him. The Case of him and also the charging base / receiver, is made of wood, of good quality, pesa in totale 110g, for a product that is ultimately very small, 157mm L x 37mm H x 28mm. On the back we have a removable drawer, it is magnetic, thanks to two small built-in magnets. We find the housing for the AAA battery. Already present once purchased, in fact it will be enough to remove only the tab. On the back, we have reported the information relating to the reading and state of charge.

The entire base is also magnetic, in fact it is used to be fixed to your barbecue or fridge. There is a Status LEDs, and just below a key to check the battery status when pressed. A steady Green light will tell us that the state of charge is at maximum terms, contrary to a steady Red light. If no light is emitted, the device is probably switched off or completely discharged, and a new battery will be needed. Once the probe has been extracted, the green flashing light will indicate that it is connected to the base and that it can charge. Contrary to the Red light which will tell us that it will be impossible to connect the probe to the base.

The probe instead is made of stainless steel and ceramic, and resistant to water and is easy to clean, it can also be washed in the dishwasher, supports a maximum ambient temperature equal to: 275°C, and a maximum internal temperature of 100°C. It can in total cover a full 24 hours of continuous cooking on a full charge. Also because once used it will be placed in its base, where it will recharge. It supports a Bluetooth LE 4.0 wireless connection. Measures 130mm in length and 6mm in diameter. 100 times that with an AAA battery you can do a complete cycle from 0 to 100%.

This basic model has a range of 50m. It has 2 sensors, one to measure the internal temperature and one for the external one.

Operation and connection with smartphone

The totally wireless probe will in fact communicate constantly with the MEATER app because it is thanks to a patented algorithm, that the probe will be able to estimate the cooking times. This will allow you to use the “Guided Cooking System” which will guide you through each stage of the cooking process to ensure perfect and consistent results.

There’s little to explain about how it works, it’s all guided by the App, and it’s all decidedly easy and intuitive. Once the connection has been made and any firmware updates have been installed, it is already available for use. To install the App, you will need to create an account, with which we will exploit the MEATER Cloud archive to extend the wireless range.

Just extract the probe, on the App we will see the same one connected, and from there we can start to indulge ourselves. From the App you can obviously monitor parameters such as battery and state of charge. During the cooking phase it would be advisable to keep the base no more than one meter away from the probe. There is a safety notch on the probe which will show you how far to insert it.

Once you have chosen your dish, among a vast array of foods, on the other hand, if your dish is not present, just look for it, you can start directly with the next steps. Nice note, there is a dinosaur icon for “special” dishes, such as reindeer, ostrich, or kangaroo meat. Once the dish has been chosen, everything will be guided by the App. We proceed with a guide on how and where to insert the probe and at what angle, if the 3D representation is not clear, several videos made by the MEATER team will be available, also on the cooking phases. YES will then proceed with the temperature and alert settings. ANDHere is a practical example. Where MEATER Plus has guided us to achieve a perfect medium cooking of a nice cut of Sirloin of Beef.

MEATER Plus review: smart thermometer for perfect cooking!

Conclusions and Price

Having reached the conclusions of this MEATER Plus review, we can say that we are dealing with a decidedly interesting product, useful for those who want to make the most of technology, as a faithful ally in the kitchen. We would like to recommend it to make that upgrade you were looking for in the kitchen.

Its wooden structure makes it ideal for marrying with most kitchens, almost like a piece of furniture and design. It is available in 3 color variants. The price for this model is about 130 Euros. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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