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MEATER Plus review, the smart thermometer

In this increasingly connected life, surrounded by technology and accessories that can be controlled with an app, the thermometer could certainly not be missing. Not one of those who check if you have a fever, but a meat thermometer. Let’s talk about MEATER Plus, the first thermometer wireless for intelligent meat. Together with the MEATER app it will help you cook meat to perfection.

The good-looking thermometer

MEATER Plus comes inside its own elegant bamboo charging base, which can be conveniently attached to any metal surface thanks to the magnetic support. The base powers the probe with a single AAA battery that can charge the product up to a maximum of 100 times. A solution that makes this gadget completely wireless: the probe, equipped with a double sensor and capable of measuring both the internal temperature and the ambient temperature, works via Bluetooth and easily connects to your phone or tablet.

The application is very simple and intuitive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not efficient. It is set according to your preferences, from the background to the degree scale (celsius or fahrenheit), even the sound of the notification alerts is customizable.

But how does it work? In reality it is very simple: first of all you have to charge the probe for at least 4 hours, then you will have to connect the probe to your device and follow the instructions provided by the app to set the meat, the type of cooking, the temperature and all that is needed for the success of your dish.



Delicious dishes like in the restaurant

We decided to cook an English Roastbeef, a dish we had never done due to the difficulty in internal temperature control some meat. After browning it in a pan, it’s time to put it in the oven, and here MEATER Plus comes into play. We insert the probe and set the type of meat (beef rump in our case), what kind of cooking we are going to do (roast beef) and the internal temperature that we want to reach (55 degrees), we just have to bake and wait for the phone to ring to warn us that it is ready. We don’t have to do anything, think of all our dear thermometer.

Is MEATER Plus worth the € 109.00 required to get it?

The probe is made of stainless steel, water resistant and easy to clean. The charging base is elegant and beautiful to look at, a decorative element for your own kitchen. There are no bulky wires and thanks to multiple features of the app you don’t have to worry about constantly checking the temperature. Do you want to try your hand at cooking you’ve never experienced? No problem, the extremely detailed application guides you perfectly in setting up MEATER Plus.

We managed to find only one flaw, which, however, is typical of all probes, that is, to work it is forced to pierce the meat. Don’t worry though, during cooking none of the juices will come out causing your meat to become dry.

Is it worth buying MEATER Plus? In our opinion, yes, we finally managed to cook some restaurant delicacies at home by obtaining a decidedly satisfying and tasty result.

Do you want to see it at work? We suggest you watch the BBQool video.

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