Mediaworld è stata colpita da un attacco hacker thumbnail

Mediaworld was hit by a hacker attack

Mediaworld was hit by a thumbnail hacker attack

MediaMarkt, the company that controls the electronic store chain Mediaworld in Italy, she was hit by a ransomware-type hacker attack. The attack on MediaMarkt’s computer systems was allegedly carried out by the group of cybercriminals Hive, known for having “taken hostage” the computer systems of some American hospitals last August.

A ransomware-type hacker attack KOs the systems of MediaMarkt (Mediaworld in Italy)

Due to the ransomware attack, the systems of MediaMarkt and, therefore, also of the Italian division Mediaworld are experiencing slowdowns. Some customer services are not available and even in Italy there are problems (even if e-commerce seems to be active).

According to what is being learned in these hours from news agencies, MediaMarkt is taking precautions to limit the spread of ransomware in its systems. Expectations due to the hacker attack are also recorded in Italian Mediaworld stores as confirmed by Corriere della Sera.

Multi-million dollar ransom note

To regain full operation of your MediaMarkt systems you may have to pay a ransom. The amount required for decryption should be 50 million dollars to be paid in crop currencies. More details on the matter will certainly arrive in the next few hours. For the moment, the company has not yet confirmed the issue of the ransom note which however represents a real “practice” of ransomware attacks.

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