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Medion Erazer Gaming Bundle review: a complete set dedicated to PC gaming

If you are gods PC gamer you will know that, compared to those who prefer consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, it is necessary to purchase additional accessories to approach the world of gaming: a mouse, a keyboard – possibly with the RGB LEDs that we all love – some good headphones and, why not, a mousepad to make the mouse slide better on your desk. However, choosing individual products is often not easy, especially if you have a limited budget. Fortunately, there are gods on the market bundle that contain all these products in one solution and like the Medion Erazer – The Ultimate Gaming Experience: here she is our review.

Medion Erazer The Ultimate Gaming Experience: our review of the complete gaming set

The complete set Medion Erazer The Ultimate Gaming Experience it comes in a large box decorated with Medion’s blue and black graphics. Once opened, the first product of the bundle is presented immediately: la tastiera da gaming Medion Erazer P81035, a membrane keyboard of important dimensions. In the level below, however, you will find the gaming headset with integrated microphonemodel P83036, the mouse E81050 and finally the mat for the latter made of fabric, which recalls the same graphics as the box.

Il mouse da gaming

Medion Erazer mouse gamingPhoto credits: Medion Erazer.

The mouse in this set is the model Medion Erazer E81050, which in the hand is immediately robust. It features LED lighting – which by now cannot be missing – a sensor and 800 at 3200 DPI and a total of six buttons. The sampling frequency is 125Hz and can be connected to your PC via a USB cable 180 cm long, covered in fabric.

The dimensions are contained, but this does not affect the ergonomics of the product, which from the first use seems very good. Furthermore, as anticipated, the sensation is that of a product solid. It is certainly an entry level mouse, dedicated to those who want to approach the world of gaming or those on a limited budget, but during our test the product proved to be responsive and reliable.

The six buttons, including the one to change the DPI, are very comfortable especially during gaming sessions and have good feedback, as well as the wheel which is slightly rough. In general the mouse behaves well and is also very nice to see, especially when there is less light in the room, thanks to RGB LEDs that illuminate the logo and side parts.

The P83036 mousepad review

Medion Erazer reviewPhoto credits: Medion Erazer.

Together with the mouse, inside the complete gaming kit, there is also a mousepad, then a mat to facilitate the use of the cursor. The mat has a size of 44 × 35cm, so it allows you to smoothly place the mouse and have plenty of room to move around on the surface. This dimension, however, it is not suitable for those looking for a mousepad that can also accommodate the keyboard.

The mat, once unrolled, has sewn side edges, a fabric surface on the top, to make the mouse slide better, while an anti-slip part on the side in contact with the desk. It is a good product, which smoothly scrolls the mouse even in games where good precision and a lot of speed are required.

Medion Erazer mousepad recensione

Since it is rolled up inside the box, our advice for best use is to unroll it and leave it under a weight for a few hours, to make it as smooth and stable as possible.

The review of the Erazer E89022 gaming headset

Medion Erazer gaming headphones reviewPhoto credits: Medion Erazer.

The third product that we find within the complete Medion Erazer set is the cuffie da gaming E89022. They are equipped with driver da 40mm, an impedance of 32ohm and a built-in microphone. The headphones connect to the PC via a cable that splits at the in end USB e jack audio, with the possibility of adding the Y adapter from 2 3.5 mm jack to 1 3.5 mm male, included in the package. Along the cable we also find the volume adjustmentvia a wheel, and a button to activate or deactivate the microphone.

The design is rather sober and linear, with no particular details except the logo on the sides. Then a touch of color is added thanks to LED blu integrated outside the pavilions, which give character without spoiling the aesthetics.

The headphones, once worn, they are very comfortable both on the part of the headband – padded – and on the pavilions, which are quite generous and do not bother even after hours of use. We liked the quality of these headphones a lot, thanks also to the 40mm drivers, and the microphone is also of excellent quality.

The Medion Erazer P81035 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Medion Erazer tastiera gamingPhoto credits: Medion Erazer.

It’s time to talk about perhaps the most interesting piece of this bundle, the gaming keyboard. At first glance you cannot notice the more than generous dimensions of the product, with a length of 50 centimeters: it can certainly be said that it is an imposing keyboard, suitable for those with a medium-large desk.

The keyboard, at the top, has the connection cable covered in fabric and 180 cm long, while in the lower part there is the palm restwhich we found a bit small and uncomfortable for the size of the keyboard.

Thanks to the large space available, the keyboard is equipped with several additional buttons which give advantages during use. In fact on the left we find 5 numbered keys dedicated to five customizable macros. Then we find seven buttons for multimedia control, function keys, the classic numeric keypad and other buttons, with Italian layout.

In everyday life this keyboard a membrana turns out to be excellent. The fret feel is really good and overall it is very comfortable, despite the palm rest problem. As always, remember that we are referring to an entry level product, but it does not have much to envy to the more expensive membrane keyboards. Even in the most intense gaming sessions, we did not encounter any problems.

Obviously it too is equipped with LED, in this case RGB. You can turn them on and off at will, change the lighting and using the appropriate keys you can also change the effect with 8 different modes.

Medion Erazer The Ultimate Gaming Experience review: buy it or not?

Overall this bundle turned out to be really greatespecially considering that on Amazon you can take it home for 88,99 euro. A very low price if you think that the kit includes a quality membrane keyboard, a mouse, mousepad and headphones with integrated microphone. It is about an excellent complete set to approach the world of gaming or to renew your workstation without pretending to have top-of-the-range products. We can only recommend the purchase, especially if you have a limited budget but do not want to give up quality products.


  • Good quality
  • Great price
  • Very comfortable keyboard
  • sober design

Medion Erazer The Ultimate Gaming Experience recensione pro contro


  • It is an entry level set, not dedicated to those who demand more
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