Medium by Massimo Paolucci to be released on October 14th

Coming to Italian theaters Medium, the directorial debut of the historic producer Massimo Paolucci

The October 14, 2021 in Medium cinemas, noir action horror that marks the debut behind the camera for Massimo Paolucci, an established executive producer with a long career whose resume includes, among others, Franco Nero’s Forever blues and Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D.

Produced by Daniele Gramiccia (On air – Story of a success), Medium is a production of Emy Productions by Giovanni and Noemi Franchini.

Let’s take a look at the trailer official of the film!

The plot of Medium by Massimo Paolucci

What if a gang of robbers scores a hit worth several tens of thousands of euros in a provincial bar without imagining that the owner of the business is Cagliostro, shady individual linked to the environments of underworld? It happens that he does not take long to track down the gang of criminals, offering them the opportunity to collaborate by sneaking into the old man’s Umbrian villa. Hung Chinese businessman, where they will have to steal a green jade pendant for him. A feat in exchange for the success of which they will be able to keep all the loot stolen from the bar, but during which they will discover that the medallion is on the neck of Hung’s daughter, Sofia, in a coma and kept alive through a mysterious ritual. And it is only the beginning of a long night of blood and violence.

Medium by Massimo Paolucci to be released on October 14th

To play the role of Cagliostro is the winner of the David di Donatello Tony Sperandeo. Old Hung has the face of Hal Yamanouchi, known name of our genre celluloid, but also known by Marvel fans for being Yashida in Wolverine – The Immortal.

Written by Lorenzo De Luca (Jonathan degli orsi by Enzo G. Castellari), Medium sees the protagonist Emilio Franchini, who has just finished filming A Prayer for Judas, opposite Danny Trejo (Machete).

They complete the cast Martina Marotta (Infernet), Bruno Bilotta (American assassin), Barbara Bacci (Summer time) Francesco Maria Dominedò (Facts about the Magliana band), Pierfrancesco Ceccanei (Secrets of the dead), Martina Angelucci (Every damn Christmas) e Dafne Barbieri (the TV series Caccia al re – La narcotics).

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