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Last year it seemed like a mirage, today it’s possible again. And so we took advantage of the Pop Up Store by Swappie in Milan to see you again, who have been supporting us every day for years now. An experience which, however, has not only served to embrace old and new readers and followers but also – or perhaps it would be better to say “above all” – to understand something more about these refurbished iPhones that we have been hearing about for some time now. at Swappie’s Pop Up Store

In practice, what happened on November 26 at Pop Up Store by Swappie?
We started with a question: why are we willing to buy used cars, clothes, accessories, books and bikes but not a tech product?
Mainly because we ignore three important elements.
The first, the more intuitive one, concerns the cost: a refurbished product costs less while having functionality like new. In short, in essence you can save money. And yes, certainly with older products the refurbished is cheaper but you save something anyway.
The other key element is that reconditioned today is an environmental necessity. The production of technology – from the semiconductor to the finished product – is no longer as easy as it once was, so we need not to waste resources and not to throw away perfectly functional tech objects.
The third and last aspect concerns the difference between used and refurbished. In fact, the refurbished is not simply a used smartphone that is slipped into another box – perhaps with the word Swappie – and then sold by a private individual. Refurbished means to be faced with a theoretically second-hand product but with identical functionality compared to a new product.

How is this result achieved? It was to tell us about it Serena PedittoGlobal PR Manager at Swappie.
Serena answered questions from those present in the room and all those sent by you before the event, explaining that for Swappie a refurbished iPhone is a product that is examined and, if necessary, repaireda product that passes 52 different tests before being ready for sale again. To this you must then add a one-year warranty so, if problems not found during the testing phase emerge, you are free to ask for the replacement of the product.

Would you like to know more? Check out our in-depth video below.

However, the event organized at Swappie’s Pop Up Store was also the perfect opportunity to have a chat with you, to let us tell you who you are, what you do, how you have changed over the years. A good time to talk about technology, clarify some doubts and remember the past by mentioning some less dated products.
The lucky ones didn’t go home empty handed, thanks to their skill during our great quiz dedicated to reconditioned.

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Were you not present? Don’t worry, we will have other opportunities to meet!

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