Fjona e Oppo vi aspettano a Roma il 5 aprile! thumbnail

Meet Fjona Cakalli in Rome together with Oppo and MediaWorld

Fjona and Oppo are waiting for you in Rome on April 5th!  thumbnail

But when, how and where can I meet Fjona Cakalli?
If you too have asked yourself this question at least once, well… we have a new event to report to you.
With Oppoil 5 April at MediaWorld in the Porta di Roma Shopping Center (Rome)you will have the opportunity to meet our Fjona Cakallihave a chat and above all discover Oppo products with her starting from the company’s latest brochure: Find N2 Flip.

In Rome to meet Fjona Cakalli with Oppo

Who hasn’t dreamed of shopping with Fjona and being carried away by her words (so many words!) while she talks about smartphones and Oppo devices? Our wish will soon come true in the serata evento #ShopWithFjona.

MEDIAWORLD – the best of Oppo with Spring Discounts

The appointment is for Wednesday 5 April, 18:00 to 20:00at the MediaWorld inside the Porta di Romana Shopping Center in Rome (Via Alberto Lionello, 201).

Fjona x Oppo

In MediaWorld’s TechVillage, opened last summer, Fjona will guide you in the discovery of the Oppo family of devices, a range of products suitable for all needs that includes the new foldable, the Find X5 family, Enco headphones and much more.

In short, in addition to being able to meet our Fjona Cakalli, we also have lots of Oppo products to discover and explore. Don’t make commitments, and on April 5, everyone in Rome!

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