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Megalopolis: Francis Ford Coppola denies chaos on set

From the latest news, it would appear that the production of Megalopolis is facing many problems on set. Will it really be like this? Coppola replies

Francis Ford Coppola’s new film has been described as a mammoth project. Perhaps too much, given that some voices would argue that, after a series of layoffs and budget problems, the situation on the set has fallen into chaos. The director, however, is not there and has decided to intervene on the matter.

Megalopolis: the problems on the set

The rumors that would argue that the entire special effects sector of Megalopolis has been fired date back to a few days ago. The Hollywood Reporter had been among the first to break the news that the production designer is also Beth Mickle e l’art director David Scott they would quit their jobs.

The trade union for the protection of workers employed in the design of the film also seems to have expressed an opinion on the issue, which would have underlined the commitment to ensure respect for personnel, guaranteeing adequate working hours and correct employment contracts. To this note would be added that of a lawyer of one of the people involved, who would have argued that on the set, it was absolute madness that ruled it.

To this question, which is already thorny enough, serious ones would be added economic difficulties, linked to a budget that proved too small for the type of technology used. It is in fact a latest generation system which, as filming progressed, became increasingly complex to sustain financially, forcing production to return to the more traditional Green Screen.

Coppola’s statements

After the release of this news, Francis Ford Coppola has finally decided to expose himself about it. The director has actually confirmed the turnover of some members of the production. He later confessed:

I love my cast, I love what I get every day, I’m on time and within budget, that’s what matters to me. It’s never clear who the sources of these articles are, but to them I say ‘Wait and see’. […] Never before have I found a cast so hardworking and so willing to seek out the unconventional, to find hidden solutions. It’s exciting to work with these actors and the cinematography is all I could have hoped for.

Even some of the cast members came to the defense of the director. One among all, Adam Driver, who commented:

All right here! Which set are you talking about? Because I don’t recognize it! I’ve been on chaotic sets and this is anything but. The environment created by Francis is very inspiring. We are currently on schedule and honestly so far it has been one of the best experiences of my career. Our crew is quick and inventive, our costume department is perfect, the actors are incredible and hard-working, and Francis is one of the most insightful and thoughtful people to work with.

Megalopolis: Francis Ford Coppola denies chaos on set

So a false alarm? It would seem so. We just have to wait for any developments.

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