Meliconi unveils the new HP 50 Plus TV headphones

Meliconi presenta le nuove le cuffie TV HP 50 Plus thumbnail

Meliconi presented the new HP 50 Plus TV headphones. These are headphones designed to offer a high quality audio experience which is accompanied by high ergonomics in use. Characterized by a very low cost, the headphones proposed by the company have several very interesting features. Here are all the details about the new Meliconi headphones.

Meliconi launches the HP 50 Plus TV headphones

The new headphones can count on a 5 meter long cable equipped with 3.5mm audio jack which simplifies the connection with all major devices. There is also a system on the cable that allows manual volume adjustmentin order to adapt the sound according to various conditions.

L’headband presents a particular padding pointing to maximize comfort in addition to being able to count on a numbered notches system for adjustment. The Meliconi headphones feature an entirely black body.

As announced by the company, the new headphones are already ready for debut. Meliconi launches the new HP 50 Plus TVs on the market at a price of 29,99 euro. For more details, please refer directly to the Meliconi website. The headphones are also available from the GDO.

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