Proofpoint has uncovered a malware campaign against the media

Proofpoint ha scoperto una campagna malware che punta ad attaccare i media thumbnail

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Proofpoint recently identified a malware campaign pointing to hit the media world using Javascript. This campaign confirms the interest of cybercriminals in the media sector which has long been at the center of cyber attacks. Here are the details that emerged from the Proofpoint report:

Proofpoint has identified a malware campaign targeting the media world

He team Threat Research di Proofpoint he identified a malware campaign aimed at targeting various international media. This campaign uses Javascript. The cybercriminals managed to modify the Javascript code base to distribute SocGholish. The researchers identified this actor as TA569S. According to data collected by the team, more than 250 regional and national news sites have accessed the dangerous Javascript. For more details you can follow theProofpoint’s Threat Insight Twitter account.

Comment from the Threat Research team

Sherrod DeGrippo, Vice President, Threat Research and Detection di Proofpoint, points out: “In the past, TA569 has leveraged multimedia resources to distribute SocGholish, malware that can lead to subsequent infections, including potential ransomware. The situation needs to be monitored closely, as we observed TA569 re-infecting the same assets a few days after the cleanup. Solving the problem once is not enough “

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