Mercedes AMG One the new hypercar derived from F1

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The “HPP” (High Performance Powertrains) branch of Mercedes AMG, which usually deals with the brand’s F1, has applied “its recipe” to a commercial car that takes the name of Mercedes AMG One. A homologation that almost knows of a miracle since the rear bonnet houses a tiny V6 1.6 turbo Formula 1. An engine that alone develops 574 HP at 9,000 rpm, with an interposed switch at 11,000 rpm. How can you get so much power from such a small engine (359 hp / liter)? With a turbo that blows up to 3.5 bar! In short, it’s not the kind of mechanics that certification centers are used to seeing.

But Mercedes did it. This, thanks to the integration of two particulate filters and six catalytic converters (four in metal, two in ceramic). Additionally, the project leader confirmed the AMG One systematically starts up in electric mode, the time it takes for the metal catalysts to get to the right temperature.

The Mercedes AMG One is powered (also) by four electric motors

If 574hp is good, that’s not much for a hypercar. To increase the total power AMG One relies on four electric motors. The first (called MGU-K) is connected to the crankshaft by a gear system. On its own, it develops 120 kW (163 hp). The second, which develops 122 hp, is used to operate the turbo in the low speed phases to eliminate response times during reminders, and also to recover energy when the turbo is running at full capacity. They therefore remain two electric motors: one for each front wheel, for a total of 326 HP.

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In total, the AMG One thus develops an impressive 1063 hp. And let’s not forget that it is a rechargeable hybrid, with an 800V battery of just 8.4 kWh cooled by a specific system, which still allows you to travel about 18 km in electric mode. Above all, this gives the One amazing results in the certification test: 198 g / km of CO2 and 8.7 l / 100 km in the combined WLTP cycle.

Finally, in addition to an electrically assisted turbo coupled to energy recovery (the famous MGU-H), theThe single-turbo V6 has a pneumatic valve booster.

The AMG One is supplied with all-wheel drive. The front motors each drive one wheel and have a function Very advanced torque vectoring. The V6 is connected to the rear wheels via a specific seven-speed robotic gearbox (which integrates 4 carbon fiber clutch plates) that must manage the ardor of a six-cylinder capable of pushing the One. at 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, e, without losing power, up to 350 km / h.

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Several driving modes are planned, which allow in particular to play on the stiffness of the suspension springs (pushers at the rear) and on the height from the ground, which can be lowered by 3.7 cm. Mercedes has automatically installed generous carbon ceramic discs 398mm at the front and 380mm at the rear.

Record price

Being the AMG One built on a carbon monocoque structure, all or almost all contribute to the rigidity of the whole. Inside, the seats are also an integral part of the structure, only the inclination of the backrest being adjustable, as are the steering wheel and pedals.

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A hyper-sporty cockpit with a steering wheel largely inspired by that of an F1, che incorporates a package of driving commands and an LED display to indicate the engine speed.

Production will be very limited to just 275 AMG One which will be assembled in Germany, with first deliveries in the second half of 2022. The price is around 2.7 million euros including taxesmaking it one of the most expensive “production” Mercedes in history.

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