Mercedes and TeamViewer talk about their partnership

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Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 e TeamViewer have kicked off a vital partnership. A collaboration that helps both parties, with the aim of obtaining ever better results on the track and beyond. This starting from the fundamental values ​​shared by both, with an eye always focused on the final result.

Mercedes chooses TeamViewer for data transmission

The Formula 1 is one of the most data driven sports of the current landscape. The approach is extraordinarily scientific, from calculations to improve engine balance to tank and pit stops, right down to the geometry of a perfect curve in different track conditions. And it is therefore important to be able to manage this data in the best possible way.

TeamViewer is a global reality, which has established itself among the most important in the world of remote connection. An area that as we know has become increasingly relevant during and after the pandemic, but which was already experiencing a great acceleration before. And so here comes the meeting between TeamViewer and Mercedes.

Data management, as anticipated, is fundamental in Formula 1. Every detail must be communicated quickly and precisely within the team. This is especially true during practice sessions, when the so-called drop-down screens are used, which allow the driver to see all the information you need without getting out of the vehicle and saving precious seconds.

It is therefore in this area that TeamViewer proved to be a perfect match for Mercedes’ needs. The speed, but above all the reliability it offered in bringing the information feed to the screen was a key factor, which made it possible to further improve performance on the track. And from here, the idea of ​​a real partnership was born.

Why did Mercedes choose TeamViewer?

This process was absolutely natural and organic. The team has been looking for a long time for a service provider that was up to their needs, testing the many different options on the market, without satisfactory results. When she then arrived at TeamViewer (with whom Mercedes already collaborated in other areas) has finally found what it was looking for, under many different aspects.

The role of the convenience of useboth for the team and for the drivers, as well as the speed, with operations to be developed in fractions of a second. A key factor was then the safetyguaranteed at very high levels by TeamViewer, which is absolutely essential for the data processed by the team.

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The collaboration then led to further improve the closeness between the two companies. Mercedes has found an absolutely responsive and helpful partner, with whom it has further refined the tools at your disposal, going to improve more and more the service offered to the team and the riders. And consequently to grow on the track.

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Steve RileyHead of IT and Service Operations of Mercedes, commented on the choice of this partner as follows:

“TeamViewer is faster, more reliable and has more features than anything on the market. So for us, where milliseconds make a difference in results and communication between driver and race engineers is critical is the best way to get a great performance.”

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