Mercedes-Benz and SUPERPLASTIC enter into a partnership for CES 2023 in Las Vegas

Mercedes-Benz e SUPERPLASTIC stringono una partership per il CES 2023 di Las Vegas thumbnail

Mercedes-Benz is taking a giant leap indigital entertainment thanks to a partnership with the SUPERPLASTIC brand, not new to collaborations with a wide range of musicians, artists and international brands.

What at first sight seems like a mash-up of two totally different worlds is actually an unexpected and perfect combination, which follows the margins of the new and the traditional, of luxury, of the edge and of the digital and physical world.

Mercedes-Benz e SUPERPLASTIC al CES 2023

The two brands have partnered for the CES 2023which will include the introduction of a completely new character in the SUPERPLASTIC universe: Superdackelreinvention in SUPERPLASTIC sauce of the heroic alter ego of a beloved cultural icon present on millions of cars, the “Wiggle dachshund“.

Superdackel will be showcased on social media starting January 5, but the highlight at CES 2023 will be an animated short film starring the main characters of Superdackel and SUPERPLASTIC, Janky and Guggimon.

The plot

Janky and Guggimon “borrow” a Mercedes-Benz from a showroom taking advantage of the evening closure. Once they escape with the car, they discover the presence of Wackeldackel in the car. The three then embark on a journey through the lighted streets of New York, where they will experience an adventure full of drama and car chases and even meet a magical space whale.

Thanks to his new friends, the shy and staid Wackeldackel transforms into his new persona, Superdackel.

This short is the result of the efforts of both brands, choosing a Wackeldackel as the protagonist, personifying how much people around the world love to personalize their cars and their mobility experiences, which are becoming increasingly digital.

The importance of Wackeldackel for Mercedes-Benz and SUPERPLASTIC

“Mercedes-Benz has reinvented and reinterpreted its brand and its vehicles for a modern, digital age, so why shouldn’t the iconic Wackeldackel be updated as well? We warmly welcome Superdackel to the Mercedes Benz family,” he commented Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Communications and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz AG.

Also Paul Budnitz, founder and CEO of SUPERPLASTICconfirmed his enthusiasm for this collaboration.

“I have always been a fan of the Wackeldackel and have actually always had a classic version on the dashboard of my vintage Mercedes 230CE. So when Mercedes-Benz asked us to invite him to the SUPERPLASTIC universe, the answer was an immediate yes”.

Budnitz added that “the Wackeldackel is an icon of pop culture and car fanatics, and it was exciting to be able to reinvent it for a new era.

We like to force brands out of their protective shell. But Mercedes has been a fantastic collaborator and this partnership has been very symbiotic. Janky, Guggimon and other animated celebrities in the SUPERPLASTIC universe can tour the world in the greatest luxury cars on earth, presenting the new and improved Superdackel to millions of their fans.”

Bettina Fetzer agreed that the partnership with SUPERPLASTIC has given Mercedes-Benz the opportunity to explore new horizons in the world of culture and entertainment: “This includes delving into areas and genres that might be considered unconventional for our brand. The goal: to challenge expectations and interact with cultural pioneers and new audiences”.

The public will be able to get to know Superdackel also thanks to a 2.5-meter statue present at CES.