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Mercedes-Benz Italia is Official Title Sponsor of Gaming House

A partnership is born between the well-known car manufacturer and the eSports company, which will lead to the birth of the Mercedes-Benz Gaming House. A collaboration that opens the doors to the internationalization process of the project.

The partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Mkers

A collaboration between Mkers, the most important eSports company in Italy, e Mercedes-Benz Italy. In fact, the car manufacturer is the new one Official Title Sponsor della Gaming House. The partnership aims at an internationalization process, and represents a very important milestone for the eSports company.

The venue chosen for the partnership, which will last 18 months, is Rome, where the Mercedes-Benz Gaming House. Within this, pro players will meet and train, with the aim of passing on human and sporting values ​​of the growing world of eSports.

A collaboration that promotes numerous activities

Another objective to which the partnership aims is the promotion of events and activities related to the eSports industry. These will include organizing tournament circuits, producing social media and branded video formats. In addition, Mercedes-Benz gaming House will also move on the competitive side, hosting a driving simulator designed for training new Mkers racing team.

“We waited about four years before investing in a facility that would be able to accommodate pro players while respecting our vision of eSports,” he said. Paolo Cisaria, Managing Director of Mkers. “An ambitious and exclusive project was born, which will allow our kids to feel truly integrated into the logic of the star system we often talk about. It is a great pride to have transferred this will to such a prestigious brand as Mercedes-Benz Italia, which restores credibility and authority to the path in which our investors have been able to believe with far-sightedness. “

“The universe of eSports has a strong affinity with our brand, especially in this phase of profound transformation that is revolutionizing the world of individual mobility,” he said. Mirco Scarchilli, Head of Brand Experience of Mercedes-Benz Italy. “For several years we have already entered this world, which allows us to share our values ​​with a very young and heterogeneous audience, a vast pool of opinion leaders with a very strong potential and a great amplification through social channels.”

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