Cellularline Tuck review: budget and paperbacks!

True-wireless is a market that is becoming more and more competitive over time, will these Cellularline Tucks be able to emerge on the huge amount of products? Find out with us

Welcome back to TechGameWorld.com for the review of the new ones Cellularline Tuck, the true-wireless headphones with excellent value for money. Practical and handy, these earphones offer a noticeable feeling of stability and simplicity thanks to the implementation of touch controls like the most famous models. Let’s find out together.

Data sheet

  • Transmission: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Volume adjustment position: On the earphones
  • Weight (Kg): 0,11
  • Battery: 15-18h
  • Charging duration: 1 hour
  • Color: nero
  • Package contents: charging case, earphones, Micro-USB cable

Cellularline Tuck Review | Packaging and build quality

Once the package is opened, what catches the eye is the incredible creativity in the arrangement of the earphones. The shape, mostly classic apple-like, adapts perfectly to the ear cups ensuring stability even in moving conditions, so you can take them to the gym without any kind of problem! As already mentioned, the package contains the case, the earphones and the cable inside micro-usb for recharging, which takes about 1 hour.

Turning now to the build quality we can say that the headphones meet the quality standards of their price range, in fact the hooking and connection to the case takes place instantly with a strong and effective magnetic mechanism. Once worn you will forget about them thanks to the low weight that distinguishes them from other types of headphones.

Cellularline Tuck review: budget and paperbacks!


  • Cellularline Tuck review: budget and paperbacks!


  • Cellularline Tuck Review | Audio and functionality

    Now we come to the crucial point, how do they feel? Let’s start by saying that the sound emitted results particularly convincing with a standard use (Youtube, Spotify, Amazon Music …), managing to satisfy even the most demanding user during daily use. It is true that testing them with high quality audio files (FLAC at 24 bit / 192 khz) the output audio will be almost unchanged compared to a simple MP3 320 kbps, more than fair in this price range. As for the microphone quality, the latter will allow sufficiently clean calls, without any kind of rustle or interruptions.

    The earphones also feature extra features related to the touch system dedicated (which has often been the cause of involuntary touches): we will be able to answer incoming calls, pause the music being listened to, go to the next song and turn the volume up / down. All this for a quantity of hours sufficient to cover the whole day, in fact, thanks to the charging case and the earphones, the reproduction estimate stands at 18 ore. Finally, the Bluetooth connection speed (in version 5.0) to the smartphone should not be underestimated, which remains stable and constant for the entire duration of use.

    Cellularline Tuck review: budget and paperbacks!


  • Cellularline Tuck review: budget and paperbacks!


  • Conclusions and price

    Finally, thanks to the selling price of only € 49.95 on the official Cellularline website, I can only recommend the purchase of the product to those who want excellent performance, practicality and functionality at the right price. The headphones are now available for purchase via the link below.

    Purchase link

    Points in favor

    • Good audio quality …
    • Build quality
    • Connectivity

    Points against

    • … albeit not excellent
    • Inaccurate touch controls
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