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Mercedes: first ultra-luxury car released in 2025

The German company is also ready to enter the world of luxury with Mercedes’ first ultra-luxury car, due for release in 2025. The car will debut the Mythos sub-brand and will have a speedster bodywork.

The German company Mercedes-Benz announced the arrival of this car already in 2022thus announcing the debut of a new band that the company has named Mythos. From that day on, however, nothing more was heard of the roadster. But still the company continued to announce new arrivals, such as the Brabus Rocket 1000, one of the fastest cars in the world. The new roadster, however, returned to the center of attention when Mercedes calculated the financial expenses at the end of 2023, thus announcing the debut year: il 2025. The first available version will be one speedster della SL, at least from what we can understand from the presence of the humps behind the seats. The car will also be available in versione Maybachalready positioned within the luxury category.

How much will Mercedes’ ultra-luxury car due out in 2025 cost?

Judging from this data, we can therefore easily predict that the brand’s version Mythos it will be more expensive and sought after than its counterpart Maybach. Already in 2022 the head of the Mercedes design department, Gordon Wagenerhad already shown a concept della Mercedes-Maybach SL red with numerous double M logos engraved on the black bonnet crossed by a vertical rib. As you can already imagine, the prices are really high and not everyone can afford it. Already there Mercedes AMG SL basically it was around 143.000 euro, so imagine how much the ultra-luxury version might cost. There Variant established Mythos then it had already been proposed to 300.000 euro, and then increase in price depending on the various additional options chosen. This is enough to make it clear that the Mythos sub-brand will be only for true enthusiasts, for those truly looking for exclusive collector’s cars. And we believe it, given the high prices that few people in the world can afford.

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