Meridiem Games e Mansion Games annunciano un'importante collaborazione thumbnail

Meridiem Games and Mansion Games announce a collaboration

Meridiem Games and Mansion Games announce major thumbnail collaboration

Meridiem Games and Mansion Games have signed a collaboration agreement to bring the title “Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin”On the entire international market.

Meridiem Games and Mansion Games: the statements

Victor Fernández, CEO, Mansion Games, says: “Every“ mission ”needs powerful allies who share your same goals and values. It is an honor for us to fight this battle with Meridiem Games at our side. With their support and their experience we will be able to bring “Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin“Around the world allowing users to enjoy a unique experience”.

Sergio Palacián, CEO of Meridiem Games, echoes this by saying: “Mansion Games is a studio with incredible potential and a business philosophy that closely resembles those of our company. Their new project is an example of how a game fulfills its main function, which is to be fun ”.

The game trailer

The video, released on 8 September, condenses in just over a minute – with a “war cut” that inevitably harks back to the Second World War, but in a lighter key – the spirit of the game. Good vision!

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