Meta: new features and news coming to the Facebook metaverse

Meta: nuove funzione e novità in arrivo per il metaverso di Facebook thumbnail

Meta, the project to which Facebook is dedicating itself after the rebranding, is receiving a number of updates and news, including one that allows you to browse the stories hands-free Facebook friends, as stated in the social network’s post community. It is possible to access the function through the Meta Portal and saying: “Hey Portal, show me the stories.”

Meta: the news on Facebook stories

In addition to the stories, it is now possible to ask theFacebook assistant to view recent posts, replies and photos uploaded to the social network. Previously, there was no native support for Facebook for voice assistants, as it was only accessible through a web browser. The assistant, among other things, is now even able to take screenshots during calls, simply by asking him to take a photo.

Meta has also added support for AR effects for calls Messenger, regardless of the device used by both parties involved. In other words, if the caller uses a phone or tablet instead of Portal, they will now still be able to see the activated AR effects.

As if that weren’t enough, three new games are also on the way, including Quizbee, Sequencer e Port-a-Pet, all accessible via the Photo Booth app. Quizbee is essentially a quiz game, Sequencer tests the user’s ability to memorize sequences of random numbers, and Port-a-Pet allows you to interact with a virtual pet using verbal commands.

Finally, Meta has kept its promise to integrate Microsoft Teams with Portal, with the video conferencing application that will be available on the device starting December 8th. Big news is coming therefore, a sign that Facebook and Meta are working at full capacity on their new ecosystem.