Meta presents personal trainers in virtual reality

Meta presenta i personal trainer in realtà virtuale thumbnail

Training in virtual reality can help you stay in shape while staying at home: for this Meta has presented some of the best personal trainer which you can find in VR is Meta Quest.

Meta porta i personal trainer in VR

After presenting the best workout apps last week, Meta also wants to introduce you to the right personal trailers to make you sweat in VR. Even because until January 22nd you can take advantage of three packages to train at discounted prices: find apps to train while playing virtual batteriesto concentrate with the golf or to become real gladiators.

But if you want to find the right way to train, you can also rely on the real experts personal trainer in VR, available on the Meta platform.

For example, to understand the timing. “I suggest doing five to 10 minutes in the beginning and taking a slow and steady approach,” says the program director BODYCOMBAT Rachael Newsham. “Too much at once is not an effective workout. This will help you build a good foundation of fitness and won’t force you into a massive recovery before starting over. Consistency, along with an adequate level in the first few days, is the way to go. Once you’ve established that, you’ll build your fitness and endurance and be able to handle more workouts or more time.”

They are FitXR, you can find different teachers according to your needs. Elise teaches yoga, Garrett, is a high energy educator, Sarah, a choreographer, dancer and lecturer. Or you can train with Zion, an aspiring Olympian.

Il trainer Billy Davis explains: “As amputee, I can fully understand people who are hesitant about the traditional gym training experience“. While FitXR workouts are inclusive. “All the lessons in the Box studio, for example, can be carried out sitting down, by deactivating the squat function. At our Dance & HIIT studios, we also offer a variety of seated classes, allowing members with varying degrees of fitness and mobility to experience workouts that are always fun and engaging.”

Alternatively, you can bet on games to motivate you, such as WIN Reality that gives you a career as a baseball player. And with i Move Achievements you can track your results. Which you can also share on Instagram with the hashtag #VRfitness.