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An avatar capable of communicating with sign language (LIS)

Quest IT launches the first virtual avatar capable of communicate with sign language (LIS), a technological novelty made in Italy designed for inclusiveness. For the occasion, the Italian company signed a partnership for theUniversity of Siena and the CNR.

QuestIT launches an avatar capable of communicating with sign language (LIS)

Quest ITcompany nata come spin-off of the University of Sienasqueezed one partnership strategica with the Santa Chiara Fab Lab of the Tuscan University and with the National Research Council to launch a revolutionary avatar. It is the first avatar capable of communicating using the LISi.e. the Italian Sign Language.

A language that unites 100mila people are national scale. And that allows the virtual assistant to communicate with deaf clients to interact with Web sites, applications, proprietary systems and even interactive totem.

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Ernesto DiIoriothe CEO of the company, explains: “Per innovate the present serves a lot Research and above all, the right technology. For this reason we have used the incredible potential of artificial intelligence to structure a latest generation avatars who knows Italian Sign Language perfectly. Thanks to it, we enhance the «digital accessibility» and give deaf citizens the opportunity to autonomously access information and services offered by entities and entities in the area such as the Public Administration and banks. Do not potential fields of application are innumerable“.

“We are already working on what may be theevolution of technology – he adds by Iorio – The goal is to offer a avatar capable of simultaneously translating words into signs. Already today, after one first phase of traininghe’s able to manage customer requests in total autonomy and thus offer the assistance that people need.

In addition to announcing the avatar, QuestIT also gave awards Sarah Balestrierithe winner of theAvacontest. A contest that saw the participants turn into avatars. Balestrieri will receive 2,500 euros and the possibility of becoming a testimonial in the form of a virtual assistant.

Find more information on the QuestIT website.

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