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Meta Quest 4 Pro, the new viewer developed with LG

The launch of Apple Vision Pro has alarmed rivals. Among which, in particular, Meta, which has changed its name from Facebook precisely to underline that it is betting everything on VR and AR, united in the “metaverse”. According to the latest rumors, Meta is collaborating with LG to develop a high-end AR headset, scheduled for release in 2025: Meta Quest 4 Pro. A viewer that should offer an alternative to more affordable prices than the Apple Vision Pro first generation, which retails for $3,499.

Meta Quest 4 Pro, the new viewer developed with LG

Meta’s premium AR device goes by the name Quest 4 Pro, according to sources at Korean outlet Maekyung. This partnership between Meta and LG seems to have materialized in response to the presentation of the Apple Vision Pro. Samsung also seems to have revised its plans, abandoning an earlier prototype to focus on a device more similar to Apple’s.

However, before the launch of the Quest 4 Pro, Meta wants to launch other devices in the Quest range. According to rumors, a really cheap viewer will arrive in 2024under $200. This represents an attempt by Meta to catch up a larger user base before launching its high-end AR device the following year, in 2025, without specifying the retail price.

meta quest 3 viewer minComparison of Quest 2 and Quest 3 (right)

However, some financial experts estimate that the price of the Quest 4 Pro could be around $2,000, positioning it in a competitive market segment to the Apple Vision Pro. According to NH Investment & Securities, Samsung Electronics could place its product in an intermediate position between Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta’s Quest.

LG’s role in this alliance remains partly shrouded in mystery. The Korean company filed a patent for a mixed reality headset in 2019. It is unclear whether it will focus on displays at this stage (where it has few rivals) or even on other parts of the device.

It therefore seems that the world of VR and AR viewers is experiencing a great renaissance. But it remains to be seen how it will be received by consumers.

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