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Crime 101: on Prime the film with Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth

After a close battle with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has won the distribution rights to Crime 101, a heist movie based on a story by Don Winslow starring Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth

Among the various negotiations that characterized this end of summer regarding the productions of the coming months, the heated battle between Amazon and Netflix to obtain the distribution rights of Crime 101, an unusual heist movie based on a story by Don Winslow, con protagonisti Pedro Pascal e Chris HemsworthJeff Bezos’ company won. In recent days, as reported by Deadline, it seems in fact that the tight purchasing campaign has finally ended and that Crime 101, which will see as director Bart Laytonwill be distributed by Amazon Prime Video.

The two streaming giants had come to offer the production a good 100 million dollars, since the couple protagonist of the project includes two of the hottest actors in Hollywood. However, Amazon would have awarded the rights with an allocation of “just” 90 million. Indeed, it seems that the company has aired the hypothesis of a limited distribution in theaters, while Netflix, potentially willing to pay more, would have asked for a partial revision of the script, a request that the production was not willing to accept. However, Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth have yet to finalize the dealalthough both expressed strong interest in the project before the outbreak of the SAG-AFTRA strike which is slowing down the start of filming.

Crime 101: on Prime the film with Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth

Crime 101: what the film distributed by Amazon Prime Video will tell

Don Winslow’s tale, described as a big heist movie, in the vein of Heat, is all about a series of jewel thefts, which took place in California along the Pacific coast. While the police link the thefts to a cartel of Colombian drug traffickers, Detective Lou Lubesnkick is convinced that the crimes are carried out by a solitary man, intent on organizing his last hit.

At the moment it has not been revealed what role has been entrusted to the two stars. Chris Hemsworth, face of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently appeared in Tyler Rake 2, sequel to the action movie produced by the Russo brothers, released exclusively on Netflix. Pedro Pascal, on the other hand, is known to the general public above all for his roles in some successful TV series: Narcos, Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian and the recent The Last of Us distributed in Italy by Now TV. Crime 101 will be directed by Bart Layton, already behind the camera of another heist movie, American Animals.

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