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Meta Quest Move: the news of the week

Meta Quest Move VR Workout of the Week! Where you can meet your coach in virtual reality

After last week’s best apps for training with virtual reality, here’s a big news! It’s finally time to highlight how expert trainers can help users immerse themselves in VR fitness (read more here). Among the news of the week, available from today until January 22 on Meta Quest Move, we have three packs of VR apps,  e sono: Get Groovy Pack, Fight to the Finish Pack, Stay Focused Pack.

Meta Quest Move: the news of the week

Meta Quest Move: Get Movin’ Sale

From now until January 22nd, three packs of VR workout apps for Meta Quest are on sale. Plus, there are daily deals and sales on more than two dozen titles perfect for getting in shape. Get Groovy Pack: hit, dance and move to the rhythm of the music with these musical games..

  • Smash Drums: An epic drumming journey, playing 50 hit songs that will challenge even the best athletes.
  • Synth Riders: an application where you always have to be on the move, while grabbing notes, following tracks and dodging obstacles in this fantastic freestyle dance and fitness workout.
  • Dance Central: With nearly three dozen hit songs to choose from, you’ll be able to perform choreographed dance moves until the crack of dawn.

Fight to the Finish Pack: A goal, if you decide to accept it, to be the last one standing and claim glory, all while training vigorously.

  • HORN: Chaos has never felt so good a workout. in this energetic VR gladiator simulator. you can face an infinite number of opponents
  • Pistol Whip: You must move in all ways, to avoid the bullets of a hitman in this award-winning action and rhythm game.
  • Ironlights: Your heart is pounding in this VR dueling game, where you run at breakneck speed in slow-motion, fluid melee combat.

Stay Focused Pack: A set of golf, boxing, and ping pong apps designed to help you stay fit.

  • GOLF+: it is possible to play in some of the best golf courses in the world, playing some music and doing some drives, alone or with friends.
  • The Thrill of the Fight: a heart-pounding boxing app, where you need to concentrate to deliver the KO blow to your rival.
  • Eleven Table Tennis: This ping pong simulator is perfect for serious training, whether it’s against an AI opponent or with friends in an 11-man competition.

Meta Quest Move: the news of the week

Meta Quest Move fitness apps and games with a trainer

Who better than the experts to guide users towards the best VR fitness experience? Below, you can find tips from coaches and trainers on how to perform at your best in each of these VR fitness apps and games. To inspire users to exercise and be active every day.


I suggest doing five to ten minutes in the beginning and taking a slow and steady approach,

says BODYCOMBAT program director Rachael Newsham.

Too much at once is not an effective workout. This will help you build a good foundation of fitness and won’t force you into a massive recovery before starting over. Consistency, along with an adequate level in the first few days, is the way to go. Once you get that established, you’ll build your fitness and stamina and can handle more workouts or more time.


With FitXR, you can make your workout personal. Regardless of style or personality, FitXR can match each user with someone from its diverse team of top-level trainers world, ready to bring out the best in everyone. You can train with Elise, yoga teacher, music lover and champion of body positivity. Or with Garrett, a high-energy educator. With Sarah, choreographer, dancer and teacher. Or with Zion, an MMA fighter, athlete and aspiring Olympian. A new content has also arrived in FitXR, Combat. In this fun and fierce new martial arts-inspired workout, you’ll sweat it out while performing fighting moves inspired by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo and more. With seven new workouts weekly, you can train with Combat by FitXR to master double punches, elbow strikes and more. Furthermore, thanks to the Power Move Scoring, you can monitor your power and speed.

WIN Reality

With WIN Reality, you can start training and be ready for the real game of baseball. Each user will thus be able to improve its performance. This is thanks to WIN Reality’s batting and pitch recognition capabilities for hitters of all skill levels. All designed by professional players, to be 100 percent realistic. Offering accessible training for everyone with real coaches and local stadium environments, it’s possible to become a .300 hitter from home. In this VR training system it is possible to face game speed, real throwers and realistic movements. Plus you can try specialized training modes and tour the bases anywhere, anytime.

Meta Quest Move: the news of the week

Meta Quest Move Tips: How to earn Move Achievements by reaching your fitness goals

With Move Achievements you can easily keep track of your fitness achievements. Whether it’s burning 5,000 calories or completing 100 daily goals, it will be possible to find all your results in one place, in the dedicated tab of the Meta Quest Move app. To use the app, simply access the application panel of the Meta Quest viewer.

As an amputee, I can fully understand anyone who is hesitant about the traditional gym workout experience

comments trainer Billy Davis.

FitXR instead allows anyone, anywhere, to get the most out of their workouts, also thanks to the adaptive fitness offers. All lessons in the Box studio, for example, can be carried out while seated, by deactivating the squat function. In our Dance & HIIT studios, we also offer a variety of sit-down classes, allowing members of varying fitness and mobility levels to experience workouts that are always fun and engaging.

Meta Quest Move: the news of the week

Continue your training journey in VR

Training in VR on Meta Quest is a fun activity and incredibly adaptable to everyone’s routine days. Visors are a precious help to keep your body moving, wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether it’s a habit of a few minutes a day or a passion of hours a week. And Meta is proud to inspire everyone to continue their journey in the world of fitness in VR.

And you? What do you think about Meta Quest Move and this week’s news ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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