Meta tests a rival Twitch streaming service

Meta testa un servizio di streaming simile a Twitch thumbnail

Metathe parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is working on a streaming service similar to that proposed by Twitch but integrated with the company’s social networks. The test is involving several “influencers” in view of a possible future launch over the next few months. The platform in question is called Super. Here are the details on the new service:

Super Meta Head: A Twitch-like streaming service

The project, for the moment, is only in the testing phase but it could debut very soon. Super by Meta will represent the company’s version of Twitch with the ability for users to easily monetize their live streams.

For users there will be the possibility to pay per extra functionality, tiered subscriptions and donations to your favorite channels. For the moment, creators could keep 100% of earnings. It should be noted that Super could support a sponsorship model that will allow companies to pay to place advertisements in live broadcasts.

To encourage the arrival of new users on the platform, Meta could launch Super with a significant set of creator bonuses, especially for the more established, locally and globally. It will be necessary to wait for the next few weeks to find out more.

The launch of Super, as Meta’s new streaming service and Twitch’s future rival, could take place in the course of 2022. Certainly, therefore, the platform should continue to be talked about in the near future.