Sales of tablets are falling again on a global scale

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Global tablet sales are in sharp decline. Canalys data relating to the ssecond quarter of 2022 confirm an evident slowdown in sales with almost all the main brands in the sector, starting with Apple, which have to deal with a sharp decline. Here are the complete data on the market and the Top 5:

Tablet sales drop in the second quarter of 2022

Global tablet sales stop at 34 million units. This is a figure that appears to be significantly lower than that recorded in the same period last year. In particular, sales on the global market are in 10.9% drop compared to the data for the second quarter of 2021.

Note that Apple records a much higher decline than the market average with 12 million units sold and a drop of -14.7%. Bad too Samsung with almost 7 million units sold and a decrease of -13%. Sales in decline also for the tablets of Lenovo which stops at 3.5 million units with a drop of -25%.

Grow up Amazon than with its range Fire records a total of 3.3 million units sold with a growth of + 6.3% compared to last year’s data. The top 5 closes with 1.7 million units sold by Huawei with a decrease of -25.9% compared to the data collected in the same period last year.