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Meta, the watchdog body investigates misinformation during the pandemic

Meta, the supervisory body investigates disinformation during the pandemic thumbnail

A report by Meta Oversight Board, the oversight body of Metaha conducted a survey on the role of social media About the disinformation during the pandemic. It also calls for new measures to improve the transparency of the platforms.

Meta, independent investigation into disinformation in the pandemic

The Oversight Board is a independent panel chosen by the social media giant to scrutinize its content decisions. And he approved the content moderation measures taken by Meta during the peak of the covid pandemic. The report also suggests a series of changes to its disinformation policyhighlighting the company’s lack of ability to measure the impact its social media platforms have had on public health e on human rights.

The supervisory body asked Meta to commission an impact assessment. Focused on how Facebook’s news feed recommendation algorithms can spreading dangerous health misinformation. This also implies the public publication of any previous research the company has done on this issue.

Destination investigated

During the peak of the Covid pandemic in 2021, the White House had criticized Meta for allowing the circulation of the misinformation about vaccinesblaming the platform’s algorithm for promoting false information over truthful content.

The group also suggests Meta’s maintain its current policy on countering disinformation on Covid. But it should make the reason for deleting content on its platforms clearer. Within the report, the Supervisory Body recommends Meta to disclose government requests to review content regarding public health emergencies. Because they could “erode the principles of democracy”.

The Board, in addition to advising to keep anti-disinformation policies active and increase transparency on government interventions, asks for more support from independent research on social platforms.

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