Atari (ri)acquisisce i diritti di oltre 100 giochi classici per PC e console thumbnail

Atari acquires the rights to over 100 classic games for consoles and PC

Atari seems to have a new mission: to revive the classic games of the 80s and 90s with more advanced technology. The famous console production company has announced that it has acquired more than 100 titles for PC and consoles which had been published by Accolade, Micropose and Infogrames.

It is, in fact, a sort of recovery operationsince a large part of these properties were Atari games sold to various companies.

Classic Atari games are coming to modern consoles

Among the games now owned by Atari are the Demolition Racer series, Bubsy and Hardball. All titles written in indelible ink in the Atari video game history book. Fans, especially the most nostalgic, will therefore be able to replay it in remastered version on modern consoles. Or at least that’s what he promised Wade Rosen, CEO of Atariin a press release (via Engadget).

With this manoeuvre, the company seems to want to return to the gaming market with a bang, pushing on the proprietary IPs that have made players dream so much. We can therefore expect new versions of Asteroids e Missile Commandtwo of the most famous Atari classics.

Is Atari carrying out a mammoth nostalgia operation?

Last month the company also formalized the acquisition of Nightdive Studios (the developer of the System Shock remake) and has signed IP deals for 12 arcade classics from Stern Electronics, including games Berzerk and Frenzy. Rosen had defined these securities as “perfect for our strategy of valorising classic IP”.

The acquisition of Nightdive Studios is an important one not only for the IP that the studio brings as a dowry (on all System Shocks), but also for its technology. In fact, Nightdive specializes in remastering retro games for current systems, improving their quality. Just what Atari aims to do in the near future.

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