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Meta VR, parental supervision also arrives in virtual reality

Meta VR announced new tools for the virtual reality parental supervision, helping parents keep their children safe. And he promises that there will be new tools in the future to protect them teenagers over 13 years old who can access the platform.

Meta VR brings parental supervision also in virtual reality

Single-player games, social networks in virtual reality. There are so many new VR experiences on the Meta platform. A new world, whose rules are still being defined. The company therefore wants to meet parents, guardians and responsible adults of children over 13, who can access the platform.

As such, they are introducing some parental supervision tools into Quest headsets, with more to come in the future. The company explains that it has worked with experts such as Larry Magid by Connect Safely, the Dr. Michael Rich at Digital Wellness Lab, Janice Richardson of Insight SA e Jutta Kroll of Stiftung Digitale Chancen to understand what is needed and how to implement the changes.

One of the first changes lies in the unlocking model. In fact, there comes an additional level of security to prevent access to the device without permission. From April, there will be the possibility of bplacing specific apps behind a password, directly in VR. This way you can block content that is not suitable for minors. From May the block will be automatic for adult-only apps, while leaving parents the ability to change the restrictions as needed.

You will also have a Parent Dashboard accessible from the Oculus mobile app, so parents can connect to their children’s account. Here the parent will be able whether or not to approve purchases e i download, block specific apps (viewing all those downloaded by the child). Also will be able to view the time spent in VR, the list of asmall in VR of children and much more.

Find out more about Meta VR’s parental supervision features here, while you can give your feedback here on the Meta VR forum.

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