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All the news presented during the Xbox Showcase 2022

Wednesday March 16 2022 was held theXbox Showcase (ID@Xbox Showcase), the event in which Microsoft gives us an overview of the upcoming titles coming to platforms. Are you curious to find out what was presented?

Xbox Showcase 2022: here are the news presented

During the event we got a taste of Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, a new action RPG made by A44 Games e Kepler Interactive. The title will be available in the course of 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC (via STEAM and Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One (the game will be available from day one with Xbox Game Pass).

Players will have to embark on an epic journey of revenge, gunpowder and magic. The Gate to the Beyond has been opened and the undead armies of the ancient gods have fled. The bravest players will have to join Nor Vaneka fighter in the coalition army, and his mystical companion Enki, a strange creature with magical powers. The two will have to fight against the Gods.

The game offers a vast world to explore, featuring desert sands, cavernous ruins and towering cities full of secrets. Get ready for adventure.

Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi it is shown in a gameplay trailer action packed during the Xbox showcase. According to what was revealed, the title will be released during the spring 2022. The title is an action game set in medieval Japan and is characterized by a particular graphic style in black and white.

As a vow to his dying Master, the young swordsman Hiroki swore to protect his city and the people he loves against all threats. Faced with tragedy and bound to duty, the lone samurai must travel over the life and the death to face himself and decide his way.

Trek to Yomi will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and also PC. Microsoft has revealed that the video game will be available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for both console and PC.


Set in the ancient world of Osfeld, Whalefall is set in an original fantasy universe where strange but gentle creatures roam the skies. Once in a century, the life of one whale it naturally comes to an end, and it falls gracefully to the ground in the Baleen Wasteswhere a conflict soon erupts over their precious remains.

This time it’s different. The Legion Stoneshieldin a vain attempt to restore theEmpire of the Iron Chain long lost and take control of all Osfeld, took matters into his own hands. The evil queen Lucretia and his Stoneshield engineers, with the help of the Faceless, designed a huge bloodstone cannon and shot down an unthinkable Skywhale.

The cataclysm of the beast plunges Osfeld into chaos and pushes Coty, a young recruit, in a surreal situation. Get ready to recruit friends, make enemies and fight in it Indie JRPG in three acts: End the tyranny of the Stoneshield Legion.

The title will be available in 2023.


During the Xbox Showcase was presented Immortality, the new title created by Sam Barlow, the creator of Her Stories and Telling Lies. According to what has been revealed, the title will be available on PC and Xbox Series X and Series S during the summer.

The trailer above shows us the game as the first of one trilogy of interactive filmsin which players will have to investigate the disappearance of the movie star Marissa Marcel.

Xbox Showcase 2022: Floppy Knights

Get ready to know the Floppy Knights, or tangible projections evoked by floppy disks. The tactic blends with the mechanics of the card game while Phoebe e Carltona brilliant young inventor and her robotic arm, fight in turn-based battles.

Select your knights, hone your deck and implement your strategy for victory.

Other news announced during the event

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