Meta will integrate Zoom and Teams in virtual reality

Meta integrerà Zoom e Teams in realtà virtuale thumbnail

Meta has announced many news to his evento Connectnot just its new Quest Pro headset. In fact, the metaverse expands with two important collaborations: Meta integrates Zoom and Microsoft Teams in virtual reality (VR).

Meta will integrate Zoom and Teams in VR

The new viewer Meta Quest Pro is a device designed especially for professionals (especially given the price from 1,799 euros in Italy). So it makes sense that the company of Mark Zuckerberg sign two important partnerships for your office in the metaverse, Horizon Workrooms.

The news are many, but the integration of Zoom and Teams is particularly interesting. In fact, with this novelty, colleagues who do not use Horizon’s VR will be able to connect directly from PC or smartphone to meetings in VR.

Meta explained that Zoom will arrive on the platform “in early 2023” and will give to users “New options on how they decide to show themselves”.

The integration of Teams, announces along with the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella, allows you to participate in a more immersive way in Horizon Workrooms meetings. There are no launch dates at the moment, but we know that the partnership between the two companies will extend even further. With Microsoft appearing to have adopted the metaverse with determination.

In fact the Redmond company is already working on VR versions of Microsoft 365, with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook which will soon be available on Meta’s Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets.

Among the other innovations announced by Meta to work in VR there are also the VR Whiteboards, which will allow you to use the ‘digital whiteboards’ also in 3D. Furthermore, Zuckerberg suggested the next launch of the ‘Magic Rooms’, which will provide experiences of mixed reality instead of just virtual.

Finally, a subscription should also arrive in 2023 “Quest for Business”, a subscription designed for companies. In short, Meta’s metaverse seems to continue to grow.