Tunic review, the adventure continues on PlayStation 4

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After debuting on Xbox, Tunic has finally landed on too PlayStation 4 e PlayStation 5: let’s find out how it behaves on PS4 with this one review.

Tunic review: a PlayStation 4 adventure

Six months after the PC debut e Xbox Game Passthe delicious Tunic by Finji also debuts on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game is very similar to what we first tried in March, so we will not get too lost in chatter and we will try to analyze how the title gira su PlayStation 4.

However if you are new and have never heard of Tuniclet us introduce you to this interesting world.

Tunic is a action-adventure isometrico which tells us the story of one little fox who will have to fight against enemies of different sizes, each with its own attack characteristics. We are faced with a world full of mystery, enigmatic ed fascinating.

Tunic is inspired by various titles without stealing anything: rather it manages to create its own specific identity. What stands out the most is obviously the inspiration from titles like The Legend of Zelda, which allows Tunic to create a unique world e layering his puzzles up to offering secrets and questions in every corner of the title. At the same time, however, it offers some unique features that make it an interesting and compelling title. If you want to know the title in detail, you can consult the our first review.

The test on PlayStation 4: no additions (and no bugs)

Tunic is much more than you can imagine. As we mentioned, it’s inspired by classic The Legend of Zelda-style adventures, and it delivers simple but exciting fightsand vast world and a selection of truly unique bosses and dungeons. However, the most interesting aspect concerns the whole adventure.

At first, our hero has nothing but in the course of the adventure he will slowly manage to create a amazing crew. The inventory contains weapons, gadget, consumables and other items, all extremely useful. In the countless treasure chests you will then find objects with which empower youas well as other rewards.

Il fighting is simpleas already mentioned, but manages to convey a sense of intense satisfaction. Offensive options are built on one combination of sword strokes, magical abilities and the use of some objects. We will feel like little but great heroes.

Another aspect that we have found appreciated is the exploration. Exploring the outside world will allow you to visit vast places e differenteach of which encompasses hidden paths, rewards ed puzzles. It must be said that compared to the PC and Xbox versions there are no differences, and we do not even find the addition of new content.

We can tell you that the title it performs very well on PlayStation 4. We have not encountered bug and the movement of the character and the enemies seemed to us fluid e natural. Tunic, also on PlayStation 4, gives us one vibrant graphics and really specialas we mentioned in our initial review.

In conclusion

If you are a lover ofexploration e of the puzzle based adventure games, then Tunic is definitely for you. While presenting small elements of souls gamesat the same time boasts numerous elements typical of The Legend of Zelda series and other elements that belong to completely different genres. All these elements combined together give us Tunic, a unique and tremendously brilliant title.

A particular title, which allows us to experience every single object we find while let’s explore the world, at the same time giving us the possibility to lose ourselves completely in it. Whether you decide to play it on PC, PlayStation or Xbox o Nintendo Switchwe believe your experience will not change. Tunic will be able to offer you a lot. For more information on the title you can consult the official site.