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Meta will unveil its top-of-the-line VR headset in October

Meta announced that his event Connect Conference will be broadcast at 10 am PT (7 pm Italian time) of theOctober 11thand in all likelihood we will see the top-of-the-range VR viewer of the brand. What so far has taken the code name “Project Cambria”And promises to take us fully inside the metaverse.

Meta will announce its top-of-the-range VR headset on October 11th

Last year at Connect we discovered the company’s name change, which from Facebook became Meta. But even the one announced on the Oculus blog for this year promises to be a memorable event.

According to reports from the same company, we should discover important news for theHorizon Worlds, the virtual reality app developed by the brand. But some clues suggest that we will also see “Project Cambria“, Meta’s top-of-the-range VR headset. Which appears to be what Zuckerberg is wearing in the ad photograph.

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According to Zuckerberg, the new headset should have the tracking of eye movement and facial expressionsas well as one semi-transparent colored view to move without risk. Also the screen should have a higher resolution of the Oculus Quest 2. Which means it will cost more than the current headset.

Also at the conference we will have to see big graphic updates on avatars by Horizon, the company’s service that allows you to create worlds and explore those created by others.

Meta has long since announced that it believes in the future of the metaverse and is investing billions in this digital reality. Meta Connect is used to take stock of the situation and convince users (as well as investors) that it has really taken the right direction.

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