Metal Gear Solid: a rumor that speaks of remake

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One of the most interesting and compelling video game sagas is undoubtedly that of Metal Gear Solid which, it seems, could be on the way to a remake

Apparently one of Konami’s most iconic sagas, together with Silent Hill, seems to want to continue on the path of the makeover according to the latest rumors that have appeared on the net. The quintessential creature of genius Hideo Kojimathat is to say Metal Gear Solidhas recently been the focus of many theories and hopes regarding a remake of the chapter for the first PlayStation. Has the good time come since we are very close to the Game Awards 2022? Let’s try to understand something!

Metal Gear Solid: Remake news from Spain

It seems that the latest news regarding a remake di Metal Gear Solid per PS5 come from the Spanish site AreaJugonesso in case blame them if there won’t be an announcement at the Game Awards 2022, while other portals indicate that the third chapter, Snake Eater, has been remade.

In any case, the Iberian site recalled how the project of the famous saga has been in the pipeline for years now and, like Demon’s Soul, they want to bring back the glories of the first PlayStation on PS5. Obviously it is always AreaJugones who “throws the stone and hides his hand” since he has declared that it is still a rumor so there is nothing for suremuch less his announcement at the Game Awards 2022!

Metal Gear Solid: a rumor that speaks of remake

Either way, we always hope for the best because, while some sagas like that of Spyro have experienced a flamboyant return, others, like that of the good Sir Daniel Fortesque of MediEvil, have not gone exactly in the right direction. In short, at this point we expect a last-second shock announcement at the TGA or by Kojima himself regarding the adventures of Snake.

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