Metal Gear Solid: ecco Shadow Moses ray tracing ricreata da un fan

Metal Gear Solid: un fan ricrea Shadow Moses in ray tracing thumbnail

The rumors regarding a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid have never stopped alternating in recent months, but pending a possible confirmation of the project, an Italian YouTube channel has recreated the Shadow Moses base in ray tracing. The result is truly impressive, as you can see for yourself from the video below.

Metal Gear Solid: ecco Shadow Moses in ray tracing

Shadow Moses is considered to be one of the most iconic maps in gaming history, in our opinion for very good reasons. The military base born from the mind of Hideo Kojima has in fact remained etched in the hearts and minds of fans as one of the most memorable adventures ever in their career as gamers and has inspired various makeover works.

The last of these was done by the youtuber “Gioco con lo Scemo”, who enhanced the staging of Shadow Moses by adding ray trancing, aware that the stylistic rendering of an environment also depends on the lighting with which it is built. As you can see from the video with the results of his work, the impact is truly incredible.

“Metal Gear is one of the most iconic sagas in the videogame world and everyone is clamoring for Kojima to have the chance to give new life, perhaps with modern techniques, to this historic title. What would Shadow Moses look like in Ray Tracing? – We read in the description of the content – What effect would one of the most symbolic places in the history of the video game have, transported within a modern graphic engine capable of illuminating it in a realistic way? Yes, because the lighting is a large part of the final effect and we have decided to prove it to you.

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