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Metal: Hellsinger will be on Game Pass from day one (and day one is next week)

Metal: Hellsinger will be on Game Pass from day one (and day one is next week) thumbnail

Get ready to kill evil enemies to the beat of metal. Metal: Hellsinger, The Outsiders’ heavy salsa shooter, will be available on the Xbox Game Pass catalog already from launch day. And launch day is very close: the game will arrive next week, Thursday 15 September 2022.

The announcement comes with a tweet published on the official channel of the game.

What we know about Metal: Hellsinger, starting September 16 on Xbox Game Pass

The game mixes rhythm game mechanics with the frenzy of a first person shooter. All, as the title suggests, to the rhythm of heavy metal. The title will in fact contain an original soundtrack created by prominent artists of the international metal scene. Some names are Alissa White-Gluz by Arch Enemy, Matt Heafy of Trivium, Randy Blythe dei Lamb Of God and many others.

In the OST (Official Soundtrack) there will also be an unreleased Serj Tankianhistorical voice of the System Of A Down, called No Tomorrow. The song was also used for one of the video game trailers (found below).

David Goldfarbcreative director of Metal: Hellinger, said this is his “all-time favorite project” and describing the original prototype as the best he has “ever made or seen”.

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