Metaphor: ReFantazio, the showcase reveals the release date

We finally know when Metaphor: ReFantazio will be released, thanks to the latest lifting of the veil including the long-awaited release date of the role-playing game

Finally the latest effort from the development team in charge of taking care of the Persona series, the mysterious Metaphor: ReFantaziothere is a exit date. Or rather, we would have called it “mysterious” before the recent showcase, in which Atlus it definitely dispelled the aura of mystery. The English speakers among you can recover the presentation in its entirety below. The director acted as the showman Katsura Hashino, which showed gameplay, music and other elements present in this new project. All ingredients, these, similar in atmosphere to Persona 5 but otherwise very, very different. Before spilling the beans, if you don't want surprises, we'll leave you to watch the showcase.

The release date of Metaphor: ReFantazio is anything but metaphorical!

The times in which Metaphor: ReFantazio is set are decidedly further from ours than the release date. The latter is in fact set forOctober 11th. The game, unlike Persona, consists of a classic fantasy adventure. The progression of turn-based combat and the passage of time are unchanged compared to the iconic Atlus series, but recontextualized: no school year, for example, in favor of a fantasy picnic. It's easier to admire than it is to explain in words. Hashino is working on the game dal 2017, that is, before he left P-Studio to found Studio Zero with the intention of creating a new IP. Supporting him are composer Shoji Meguro and artist Shigenori Soejima, both Persona veterans.

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