Metaverse Earth 2: Earth has never been more realistic than this

Metaverse Earth 2: la Terra non è mai stata più realistica di così thumbnail

Last Friday, Metaverse Earth 2 has unveiled its new traileroffering an exclusive look at players taking their first steps in the 3D realization of Earth 2 Version 1 (E2V1).

It will be possible to view the huge cities of all available environments, in a space where both the web client and the game world can be intertwined for the first time. The alpha launch of the E2V1 metaverse, on the other hand, will arrive in 2023.

Metaverse Earth 2, the trailer

E2V1’s greatest strength is rendering the entire planet Earth in digital format, in a performing way and with beautiful graphics. It will be possible to zoom from New York to London: Metaverse Earth 2 will do it very quickly.

E2V1 VS Microsoft Simulator 2020

The closest similar product in terms of actual worldwide scale currently released is not the game title Microsoft Simulator 2020developed with hundreds of developers over 40 years by one of the largest companies in the world.

The difference with E2V1 is that it is able to load the view of the terrain in every square inch of the planet, including pebbles and blades of grass.

However, since MSFS2020 and E2V1 have different goals, for a team as small as Metaverse Earth 2’s to make current progress is no mean feat. Another special novelty: players will be able to build cities, explore, interact and more.

Earth 2, what is it

Earth 2 is a Geolocational Metaversewhich means that any real-world location is digitally represented within Earth 2. The startupwhich is one of the largest in the world, is currently building a 1:1 scale digital replica of the Earth by removing man-made constructions.

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