Metaverse: EU ready to monitor abuses and competition

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Margrethe Vestager, head of European antitrust, has announced that her team is ready to stay vigilant on Metaverse and artificial intelligence in an attempt to ward off potential abuses of competition.

Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and European Antitrust

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Margrethe Vestager and her team have long drawn attention to Silicon Valley companies. Furthermore, according to Vestager, large technology companies should collaborate with each other and learn from each other: “What is important is obviously that we cooperate as authorities and that we learn from each other, because we can achieve optimal results, regardless of the differences between Big Techs, without trying to offer too many types of outright foreclosures,” he added.

The need to intervene now, Vestager points out, is also motivated by slowness of the European legislative process, which certainly moves at a speed much lower than that of the market. This is why it is necessary to be proactive in order not to risk facing potentially risky situations in the future or leave legislative gaps that can be exploited in some way.

In addition to that the Vestager has also re called on all global antitrust authorities to cooperatein order to create a common strategy on the most important issues.

The success of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence of OpenAI

More news from the world of artificial intelligence: ChatGPT is able to write an e-book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. Using AI software that can generate blocks of text from simple instructions, aspiring writer Brett Schickler created a 30-page illustrated e-book for children in hours and put it on sale in January through Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon. The title of the e-book is “The Wise Little Squirrel: A Tale of Saving and Investing”.

The rapid use of ChatGPT by users has stimulated large companies to invest money in startups focused on artificial intelligence. Microsoft, for example, is focusing heavily on integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. This move seems to have been spot on because many more people decide to use it.

Not only Microsoft, but also Google, which has even decided to introduce the rival of ChatGPT. Its artificial intelligence is called Bard and has roughly the same characteristics as ChatGPT.

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