ECOVISIONI, saggio di Marco Gisotti su Cinema ed Ecologia

ECOVISIONS, essay by Marco Gisotti on Cinema and Ecology

Ecovisioni by Marco Gisotti is in the bookstore and wins the record for being the first Italian essay that combines the world of cinema with that of ecology

Arrives at the bookstore Ecovisions. Ecology in cinema from the Lumière brothers to Marvel, the new book (published by Edizioni Ambiente) by Marco Gisotti, the first essay in Italy to unite the world of cinema with that of ecology. A. was also obtained from the book webzineconstantly updated news on cinema and ecology, which also includes specific podcasts and music playlists. The essay reviews 150 worksin a chronological excursus that starts Baku by the Lumière brothers in 1987 to range up to Metropolis, passing through Bambi and 2022: the survivors, obviously including the great films and the most significant directors from the birth of cinema to today. Ecovisioni analyzes the environmental impact caused by the cinema chain, starting from productions and reaching the energy exploitation of cinemas and festivals; the topics covered are also of interest to the actress Claudia Cardinale, who edited the preface. Quoting the actress herself:

In my life I have made more than 180 films. I am convinced that what we cinema artists do and say can have an important weight in explaining these problems to people, in order to convince them to act. Sometimes just a few actions, often even just one, are enough to achieve great results. Cinema is not only good for the soul but it can also be good for the environment.

And again the author’s comment:

“Cinema and ecology are ‘inventions’ of the 19th century. If the first public screening of the Lumière brothers dates back to 1895, almost thirty years earlier, in 1866, the German biologist Ernst Haeckel had invented the word ‘ecology’. A century later, Europe has set itself the goal of 2050 to get out of the climate crisis. Indeed, it has given itself that horizon to become climate neutral, rather than get out of it! To get to 2050 we will need a cinema of the optimism of reason, but which does not sweep CO2 under the carpet, which challenges scientific ignorance without becoming technocratic, which has the force of denunciation without making its audience turn away, that proposes a new pact between man and nature. Above all, a cinema that doesn’t need to become doctrine, propaganda or manifesto, but that does what it has always done: entertain its audience. And, by entertaining him, let him be reflected in his ecovisions”.

ECOVISIONS, essay by Marco Gisotti on Cinema and Ecology

Ecovisions: who is Marco Gisotti

Professional journalist and broadcaster, Marco Gisotti teaches Theories and Languages ​​of Scientific Communication atUniversity of Tor Vergata. Since 2012 he has been artistic director of Green Drop Awardenvironmental prize awarded during the Venice International Film Festival, and also holds the position of scientific director of the communication agency Green Factor. Advisor for environmental communication to the ministers of the environment and the protection of the territory and the sea Sergio Costa of the ecological transition Roberto Cingolani, is one of the leading experts in the green economy and environmental communication. In addition to Ecovisioni, Gisotti wrote, with Tessa Gelisio, 100 Green Jobs to find workthe first manual on green jobs in Italy (Edizioni Ambiente) and is one of the authors of the annual GreenItaly report by Unioncamere and the Symbola Foundation.

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