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Metroid Prime 4: is it finally the right time?

Longtime fans of Samus Aran’s adventures have Metroid Prime in their hearts, but the blessed 4 is still making itself wait, until now

It was the 1986 when it all began on the NES, the first chapter is also present on the mini version, but to get up to Metroid Prime, obviously not 4, we had to wait for the birth of the GameCube. The first two episodes therefore saw the light on the cube while the third on the Wii, and the fourth? Well, it seems that a leak brings us good newsbut let’s go on with a little order!

Metroid Prime 4: a leak that bodes well

The aficionados of space adventures of Samus Aran they have been waiting spasmodic for Metroid Prime 4 for quite some time and, despite the excellent success of the recent Dread, it seems that their patience is finally about to be repaid.

A moderator of the subreddit GamingLeaksAndRumors indeed, he revealed that he had received a message from the well-known leaker Fun_Way_6592 about this blessed fourth chapter. At this point the questions multiply, but we remind you that this leaker seems to have seen us right on several occasions such as WarioWare: Get it Together !, Splatoon 3 and also The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Metroid Prime 4: is it finally the right time?

The sibylline message however, it does not reveal any datethe only certain things or almost is that the game should arrive on Nintendo Switch and that is in development for at least four years at Retro Studios. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that, still in the holiday period of 2022, there was talk of a remastered of the chapter for GameCube, but then nothing. So that 2023 brings a pleasant “double surprise”?

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