Mibro Lite: an AMOLED smartwatch for less than 50 euros

We present Mibro Lite, one of the few smartwatches that costs less than 50 euros and that offers an AMOLED display. This is no small pro for an object that needs to be used around the clock even in direct sunlight. Let’s take a closer look at it

Mibro is a brand of Zhenshi Technology, participated by Xiaomi and Longqi and is one of the main members of Xiaomi’s eco-chain. The brand was introduced to the market recently and the goal is to make technology and connectivity accessible in the smart wearable sector for improve people’s health and lifestyle. The development of Mibro Lite is based on these concepts, a very economical smartwatch which however can count on some above-average features for the range in which it is sold, for example the excellent AMOLED display. Let’s see the features that make it a best buy.

Mibro Lite: the economical smartwatch that improves life

Many low-end smartwatches use TFT LCD screens. The main problem with this technology is the limited visibility under sunlight, as well as the reduced viewing angles, characteristics that can make use in real context tedious. Instead AMOLED technology offers better visibility as well as overall superior image quality. Furthermore, AMOLED technology consumes less energy than LCD counterparts, a fundamental factor for an object that we have to use constantly every day. Mibro Lite’s display is a perfectly circular unit from 1.3 inch radius with 360 x 360 pixel resolution. The high resolution, combined with AMOLED technology, will allow you to reproduce all the details of the graphic interface with excellent quality thanks to vibrant colors and well-defined edges.

This smartwatch is especially designed to monitor the health and well-being of the wearer. Mibro Lite continues to monitor health 24 hours a day, thanks to many features:

  • Heart rate monitor: allows you to monitor the activity of the heart, both during training and during sleep. Your heart rate will be detected to give feedback on your health and to better manage your workouts
  • Sleep monitoring: Knowing more about the quality of sleep is essential to improve it
  • Blood oxygen monitoring: the detection of oxygen saturation in the blood allows you to deepen your health, especially for people who stay up late and work overtime for a long time
  • Stress monitoring: Stress monitoring works 24 hours a day and lets you know when it’s time to stop and catch your breath

The battery has an autonomy of about 10 days with a basic use and 30 days in stand-by. The autonomy is reduced to 8 days if you use all the monitoring functions 24 hours a day IP68 certification of Mibro Lite allows you to use the smartwatch in the rain and is not afraid of sweat. In addition, the integrated software allows you to choose between 15 sports modes (Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Outdoor cycling, Cycling, Trekking, Walking, Yoga, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Soccer, Elliptical machine, Training of the strength, Free training). But there are many other features like alarm clock, call waiting, smart notifications and health feedback.

Where to buy

The smartwatch can be purchased on Aliexpress at the price of $ 43.99 for the first 500 pieces. But the first 50 orders will also get a nice Lenovo gift! Furthermore the first 3 paid orders can win three great prizes:

  • A Realme 7i smartphone
  • Un headset Haylou T16
  • Uno speaker Bluetooth JBL GO3

Mibro Lite: an AMOLED smartwatch for less than 50 euros

Mibro Lite is shipped all over the world without additional discounts and also with the purchase you will receive a 2 dollar voucher. The company offers a complete after-sales service and the free return within 15 days of purchase. That’s all from the mobile devices section, keep following us!