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Michael Rosenbaum wants to return to play Lex Luthor

Actor Michael Rosenbaum, known for having participated in the series Smallville, wants to return to play Lex Luthor, this time for James Gunn’s DCU

Well yes, you got it right dear readers! The famous actor Michael Rosenbaum is ready to return once again as Lex Luthor. This time however, there is no mention of a TV series project, as it had been for him Smallvillebut for the cinema, in the universe DCU Of James Gunn.

The actor himself came up with the idea of ​​proposing himself, also supported by the legions of fans who would like to see him play the iconic character of Lex Luthor again.

On his Twitter account, the actor said:

I hope to be in contention for the role. I mean, I played him for 7 years. Unless you guys have a problem with that…

We can only say that after the various changes in the DCU with the arrival of James Gunn, anything is possible. But let’s see them better together.

James Gunn’s DCU changes

As we know, James Gunn has taken over as co-president of the Studios. Henry Cavill he will not be reprising his role as Superman. That’s because the studios currently have other goals, like presenting a different story that tells a younger Clark Kent.

However, we must specify what James Gunn said, namely that the story will not be about the origins. The question we all ask now is: who will be Lex Luthor?

We already have an answer and it is Michael Rosenbaum. For seven years, he played Clark Kent’s nemesis on TV’s Smallville and feels ready to step back into character.

Will James Gunn listen to his proposal and that of all his fans? It’s up to time to decide if that will be the case.

Michael Rosenbaum wants to return to play Lex Luthor

Michael Rosenbaum wants to play Lex Luthor again for the DCU

Now that Henry Cavill’s era as Superman is officially over, the opportunities in the DC Universe are endless. Not even the famous actor Michael Rosenbaum sets limits, who declares himself ready to return to take on the role of Lex Luthor, as he already did several years ago.

The idea was moved by the fandom and it didn’t take long for Rosenbaum to be seized by euphoria and officially propose himself for the role of Lex Luthor to James Gunn.

This time, as he himself said, it would be different because it is a film project and not for TV, as Smallville had been. It all happened via Twitter and we don’t know if James Gunn has given any opinion on this idea.

We can say though that Michael Rosenbaum’s talent in playing Lex Luthor is a fact. On Smallville he was Clark Kent’s nemesis for seven consecutive seasons and then appeared in the TV series finale.

He would like it, but you have to listen to the opinion of James Gunn, the one who decides everything.

The New Superman Story

According to what has been stated so far, James Gunn has been working on a new Superman story for some time now. Maybe he started before he even officially became co-CEO of DC Studios along with Peter Safran.

It is important to remember that the film will not be a prequel to Superman, but will simply focus on one aspect of the life of Clark Kentduring his early days as a reporter at the Daily Planet.

James Gunn, therefore, is working on the script (which we can’t wait to be able to enjoy at the cinema), as reported ScreenRantand it is likely that he will also appear as director.

In short, many new emotions await us for this film. As always, we are on the hunt for information and when we have it we will be the first to tell you about it. Until then, please stay tuned!

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