Michelin Day 2021: the company celebrates Italian employees

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Last week, Michelin Day 2021 was held. It is a historic annual event in which the Michelin’s Italian division rewards employees that they have accomplished 30, 35 and 40 years of activity in the company. The event therefore celebrates the work done by the people who have linked their profession to Michelin. In total, 121 employees were awarded this year.

Michelin Day 2021: company employees awarded

On the occasion of the Michelin Day 2021 121 Michelin Italia employees were awarded. 67 workers were awarded for having reached 30 years of service while 23 received the award for 35 years in the company. 41 employees were awarded the award for 40 years in the company.

Furthermore, as per tradition, the Michelin Day 2021 was also the occasion for welcome over 200 new hires over the past two years. The new initiative fully follows the strategia “All sustainable” presented in April 2021 by the top management of the Group. This strategy aims to ensure the achievement of a balance between the 3 Ps of “People, Planet, Profit”.

The President’s comment

The President and CEO of Michelin Italiana, Simone Miatton, declares: “We celebrate in the name of the importance of people, convinced that we will be the keystone for our future success, as we have been until today. We are the protagonists of “Human Innovation”, which we are already experiencing and we want to help us become the best of what we can be “.

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