Michelin presenta CrossClimate 2, il nuovo pneumatico All-Season thumbnail

Michelin presents CrossClimate 2, the new All-Season tire

This September Michelin presents a tire suitable for all seasons: CrossClimate 2, capable of facing any climatic condition and accompanying motorists for a whole year. The new All-Season combines the braking performance of summer tires with the traction and braking on snow of winter tires. The best of both worlds.

Michelin CrossClimate 2, here is the new All-Season tire

Michelin wanted to certify the performance of its new tire in the most impartial and selective way possible. For this he carried out independent tests, which put the its tire at the top of the European rankings. When braking, he is first both on dry, worn wet (while he is second with a new tire) and on snow, with new or worn tires. In traction, it is the best on snow in all conditions of conservation. And the high quality in winter also certifies it logo 3PMSF (3-Peak-Mountain with Snow Flake) sul fianco di MICHELIN CrossClimate 2, which allows its use even with the obligation of winter tires.

And the test is Michelin CrossClimate 2

The new generation of CrossClimate combines several advanced technologies, especially in the compound and tread. This allows you to provide the better performance from the first to the last kilometer. The mileage is among the best on the market, thanks to the new compound and the lamella from in tasselli, which reduce rolling resistance.

Motorists can therefore have a better value for money on the life cycle of rubber. And the environment also thanks, both because you avoid changing tires often and for the tires lower CO2 emissions for rolling resistance, comparable to summer tires.

From the first of September you can find Michelin CrossClimate 2 in 105 sizes, 15 to 20 inches, with an offer that covers 99% of the market. And all the tires are manufactured in European factories, including the one in Cuneo. Tires made in Italy. And of quality.

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