Mickey 17: Mark Ruffalo is a psychopathic and evil villain

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In Bong Joon-Ho’s next film Mickey 17, Mark Ruffalo will be a particularly sadistic and evil villain

Mark Ruffalo, soon to be at the cinema with Poor Creatures! Of Yorgos Lanthimosis also in the cast of Mickey 17. In the film by Bong Joon-Ho, starring Robert Pattinson, the actor will play a truly despicable character. His role in Yorgos Lanthimos’ eagerly awaited film is not in fact the only title in which the actor will play a villain. Ruffalo is in fact in the cast of Mickey 17in the role of a truly sadistic villain.

As revealed a few days ago, Mickey 17 has been temporarily canceled from the list Warner Bros, so the release date is still uncertain. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Edward Ashton and tells the story of an ‘expendable’ employee on an expedition aimed at colonizing the frozen world of Niflheim. Whenever a mission is too risky, the crew turns to Mickey (Pattinson). If the latter dies, he is regenerated into a new body, with most of his memories intact. The tables are turned when Mickey understands the terms of his deal… and refuses to give way to the next clone.

Mark Ruffalo’s words on Mickey 17

Ruffalo has a very long list of films under his belt in which he has mostly starred positive characters. Whether thrillers, comic films or romantic comedies, the face of the American actor generally falls into reassuring roles. However, after turning fifty, Mark has evidently decided to make a change to his image.

Even though, according to his statements, having avoided the so-called ‘villain‘Up until now it hasn’t been a targeted choice. Simply, before Lanthimos, no director had proposed them to him.

Nobody asked me to do them and so this is the only time they saw me in a part that I don’t think many people would have seen me in. It’s not so much about avoiding them, they’ve never happened to me. Now they will ask me for them, hopefully.

In Mickey 17, apparently, Mark Ruffalo will not be outdone. The 56-year-old used anything but soft words to describe the character to whom he will lend his face and body in Bong Joon-Ho’s eighth film. The actor will be the commander of the colonizing expedition into space, a sort of dictator, fascist, narcissist… In short, a real bastard. We’ll see what happens when the movie comes out!

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