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Microbiome: important for healthier aging

A particular gut microbiome is associated with healthier aging and greater longevity, a study shows

The gut microbiome is an integral part of the body. Now data from over 9,000 people reveal that it is critical for healthier aging and greater longevity in the last few decades of people’s lives.

Microbiome: a huge community

The microbiota it is the community of bacteria that lives with us every day. Billions of bacteria live on the skin, in the mucous membranes and in our intestines. Surely the most numerous and known bacterial community is the one that lives in our intestine. In fact, it is estimated that an average of 100 billion bacteria live in the intestine of an adult human being and that these make up 1.5 kg of body weight. A microbiome healthy bowel is essential for proper digestion, assimilation and production of vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, in recent years the microbiome has been linked to various pathologies, from obesity and neuro-degenerative pathologies. But its importance in the process of aging human is still not entirely clear. Now a team of American researchers has identified how certain gut microbiomes can drive healthy aging.

Healthy aging: research

The team analyzed 3 groups of individuals between 18 and 101 years old. The data showed that i intestinal microbiomes they have become more and more different as individuals age. In particular, the differences accelerated in the second half of life (from age 45 onwards). The number and variety of battery it began to decline, especially in those that previously appeared to be the most common. However, individuals who achieved a healthy old age they kept some traits in common. In fact, analyzing the blood of healthy elderly people found similar levels of some metabolites of bacterial origin. In particular the levels of indole, a derivative of tryptophan, and of phenylacetylglutamine they were very similar in all healthy elderly people. Indole is associated with less inflammation and phenylacetylglutamine with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Microbiome and aging: the link

The ability to battery several to carry out the same functions it was interesting for the researchers. Previous results in fact showed conflicting results in the link between aging and microbiome. The new work appears to resolve these inconsistencies. In fact, more than the type of bacteria present, the Research shows how important the functions these bacteria perform. Bacterial uniquenesses must perform the same functions for a healthy aging and these must be maintained by the microbiome. This analysis highlights the fact that the adult gut microbiome continues to develop with advancing age and that its composition at a young age is not necessarily related to that of old age. Healthy individuals after 80 years old showed continuity in microbiome functions, a continuity not shown in less healthy individuals. Professor Nathan Price he has declared:

This is exciting work that we think will have important clinical implications for monitoring and modifying gut microbiome health throughout a person’s life.

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