Microsoft Ability Summit: many news on accessibility and inclusiveness

Microsoft annunciata tante novità in tema di inclusività e accessibilità all'Ability Summit thumbnail

On the occasion of the Ability Summit, Microsoft announced several innovations in the field of included design and accessibility. The innovations announced by Microsoft extend into various fields, with new hardware and software solutions designed to support inclusiveness and accessibility. Here are the details:

Microsoft news revealed at the Ability Summit

At the Ability Summit event, Microsoft unveiled a new and wider Inclusive Tech Lab with the aim of developing new products. Directly in the design phase, the Exclusive Tech Lab will be able to count on the contribution of people with disabilities directly in the design phase. The facility will also feature an area where Microsoft’s accessible hardware and software will be exhibited.

The other news

Note that Microsoft has unveiled new accessories designed to maximize accessibility. Among these we find Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Microsoft Adaptive Tail and Thumb Support, Microsoft Adaptive Hub e Microsoft Adaptive Button. These solutions are designed to help those who have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft announced that in Edge A new set of tools has been integrated to improve accessibility and learning such as automatic image description. In Windows 11 There are also features such as Focus, Voice Access (voice commands), Live Captions (subtitles in real time) and Narrator natural voices (natural sounding voices). These innovations will enrich the operating system in the future, guaranteeing greater accessibility for users.

More details are available on the Microsoft Ability Summit 2022 website.

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