Microsoft adds a VPN to Edge

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Microsoft is working to improve the security of its users. In fact, the company will soon add una VPN al suo browser Microsoft Edgeactually launching the so-called “Edge Secure Network“. This, as far as we know, will be based on Cloudflarea company that deals with traffic and dissemination of content on the Net.

Microsoft Edge: A VPN will ensure the safety of users

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about VPNs in the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as these services have allowed Russian users to securely access apps and sites that have been censored in the country. By the same principle, VPNs have always been a huge success in China, where the so-called “Great Firewall” significantly limits user traffic on the Internet. Using this tool, in fact, it is possible to pretend that your connection originates in a country other than the one in which the users are located.

The principle of operation of Edge Secure Network is almost the same. Users will be able to browse in total peace of mind, without the service providers collecting private information from navigation – such as medical record data or forum content of activists against authoritarian regimes -. Simply put, Microsoft Edge’s VPN allows users to hide your location. And to do that, use a virtual IP address, which allows them to visit content that is blocked and / or restricted in the country. More specifically, we are talking about one Free VPNwhich allows a use of data of maximum of 1 Giga per month. What is required, however, is to register at the first access. A good compromise, let’s face it.

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