Microsoft makes it easier to repair Surface devices

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Microsoft released an independent report testifying the company’s efforts to make its own Surface devices that are easier to repair. Not only that, the focus on using repair facilities closer to users helps reduce the environmental impact of repairs.

Microsoft wants to make it easier to repair Surface devices

Microsoft has signed an agreement with the consulting firm Oakdene Hollins, which published a comparative study on how Surface devices have become more repairable. In fact, the analysis made a comparison Surface Pro 6 e Surface Book 3 with two recent products: the Surface Pro 8 e Surface Laptop Studio.

According to the study, having a port to access the SSD makes it easier to replace it, saving on materials and emissions. Replace battery and trackpad on Surface Laptop Studio it is simpler and less polluting.

Surface Laptop Studio

The study also evaluates i savings due to localized repairs equal to 92% less waste and 89% less emissions. In fact, the old Surfaces had repair centers in China. Instead, send by post to a nearby repair center (the Mexico for the United States, where they conducted the research) brings environmental benefits.

However, this study admits that it provides “only a partial view of possible repair scenarios”. For example it does not include the possibility of repairs at home or at non-Microsoft certified centers, which could be even less expensive for the environment.

Microsoft has announced it plans to invest in repairability. And one of these efforts will see support for the centers of independent repairs by 2022.

Recently, Apple has also begun to take the “Right to Repair“, Giving customers and independent stores the ability to carry out repairs on devices safely. Something that not only lowers costs for customers, but also for the environment. Both companies have said they will continue on this path: we will keep you updated.

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