Microsoft and Reale Group: a protocol for digitization in Italy

Microsoft e Reale Group: firmato un protocollo per la digitalizzazione in Italia thumbnail

Microsoft e Reale Group have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at creating an ecosystem of services open to the collaboration of partners to accelerate the digital transformation of the country, focusing on SMEs that represent the key engine of the Italian economic system.

Microsoft and Reale Group: what are they all about?

The two corporations intend to share expertise, technologies and services useful to accompany small and medium-sized Italian companies in their digitization process. The goal is to accelerate the digital transformation of Italian SMEs by promoting the adoption of digital services that can improve efficiency, sustainability, productivity, resilience and the prevention of business risks using digital cas a value driver between companies, partners and institutions, creating a positive impact on the Italian ecosystem.

In the coming months, Microsoft and Reale Group will therefore co-design the overall framework within which they will be gradually developed and made available to Italian SMEs. service packages, which will benefit from common technical resources and joint R&D and innovation efforts. The offer will be customized based on the industrial sector and the supply chains in which SMEs operate and, for some reference sectors, it may be supported by dedicated digital platforms, ranging to cover key business topics, from productivity to access to tools. IoT, from the prevention of business risks to the digitization of processes to support in relations with customers and stakeholders.

The agreement capitalizes on the common commitment of Microsoft and Reale Group to promote the country’s innovation also with a view to sustainability. On the Microsoft side, synergies will in fact be created with the training activities that are part of the five-year investment plan in technologies and skills Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart which sees among its focuses both training and reskilling initiatives aimed at SMEs, andAlliance for Sustainability to promote sustainable growth in Italy through digital.

Lato Reale Group will integrate the innovative projects and the Group’s core assets, in order to promote new business models capable of generating and enhancing the issue of sustainability and accelerating the digital transition of SMEs through a new digital ecosystem open to partner collaboration.

The statements of the two management

“The collaboration between Microsoft and Reale Mutua starts from the awareness of the strategic role of SMEs for the Italian economy and aims to create a digital platform capable of simplifying access to services and technologies, helping even the smallest companies to reduce adoption costs, to mitigate business risks and to optimize productivity. With this project we really intend to connect SMEs with institutional and industrial stakeholders, startups and innovation players, to promote the competitiveness of the sector and the development of new business models also with a view to sustainability “, said Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy.

“The partnership between Reale Group and Microsoft is part of a broader strategy that encourages innovation and sustainability in the way of doing business. It is a mutual collaboration with the ultimate goal of co-innovating together “, stated Luca Filippone, General Manager of Reale Group. “We are happy to contribute, through this project, to the creation of an open and innovative digital ecosystem that can put SMEs in contact with the main institutional, industrial and service stakeholders and that, thanks to our expertise, can offer concrete support to ‘innovation and sustainability of the territory in which we operate ”.

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